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Admission Support

Admission Support

Note: For further details on admissions, please contact the following admission assistants in charge of different regions.
Other Contacts
Ms. Otgon Ganbaatar
Central Asia & East Asia
Tel/WeChat: (+86)15608061372
Facebook:Oogii Ganbaatar
Mr. Bekolo Ngoa Celestin
Malay Archipelago in SEA & Oceania
Skype: Bekolson
Facebook: Celestin Bekolo
Line : skytrain12
WeChat/WhatsApp/Viber: (+86)18280344576
Mr. Chiv Vetty
IndoChina Peninsula in SEA (Cambodia, Vietnam,Myanmar, Thailands, Laos)
Tel : (+86)15528033129
Facebook: Vetty Chiv
WeChat : v16878181
Ms. Sidra Andy
Middle East & Pakistan
WeChat: sidraandy
QQ: 2720555146
Facebook: Sidra Andy (Sidra Jamil)
Ms. Aliza Rahman
South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
Tel : (+86)13540481445
Mr. Labena Abraham Alemayehu
East Africa & North Africa
Tel: (+86)13018201770
Facebook: Abraham Alemayehu
WhatsApp: Abraham
Mr. Emmanuel Fon Tata
Francophone Africa
Tel:  (+86)13194998947
WhatsApp: 00233245754262
Facebook : Emmanuel Fon Tata 
Mr. Addo Prince Clement
Anglophone Africa
WhatsApp/imo: +233242917979
WeChat: mytheboy
Tel: (+86)15528138503
Facebook: Prince Clement Addo
Mr. Zhang Peng
North America & Latin America
Tel/WhatsApp/Skype: (+86)18200588742
Facebook: Peng Zhang
WeChat: EchoZhang42 
Mr. Nikita Bulavkin
East Europe
Tel: (+86)13208103857
Facebook: Nikita Bulavkin
WeChat: bulavi28
Ms. Nora
West Europe
Facebook: Chunxiao Ma