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Talent Recruitment

Both at home and abroad sincerely invite high-level talents to join in!

Academic pacesetter

General for overseas high level university professor, associate professor, and one thousand people enrolled plan, the Yangtze river scholars, professor, visiting the national outstanding youth science fund gainer or similar levels of outstanding talents.

1. Actively promote the discipline construction, the leadership team in the forefront innovation surpassing or keep the international advanced level.
2. An international frontier science and technology and the national strategic needs, presided over a large type scientific research project, strive for major landmark achievement.
3. Actively organize the discipline and international advanced scientific research institutions and universities promote the academic exchange and cooperation.
4. Young teachers training, teaching core curriculum, guiding doctoral and master's.


Academic leaders (professor, researcher)

The domesticand international famous university or research institute, or getting a Ph.D. In the domestic famous universities professors duties; Significantly, academic level outstanding performance, age in general not more than 40 years old.

1. Grasp the academic front, actively participate in discipline construction, and puts forward innovative research subject or applied strong research project.
2. Building and leading academic team, fight for major scientific research project hosted, strive for the symbolic achievements.
3. Actively promote international academic exchanges, cultivating young teachers, teaching core curriculum, guiding doctoral and master's.


Excellent academic backbone (associate professor, associate researcher)

The domesticand international famous university or research institute getting a Ph.D degree, outstanding performance, the development potential extremely, age generally no more than 35 years old.

1. As a main backbone involved or innovative scientific research project of the research subject.
2. Application and presided research projects, published a high level academic thesis, achieve high level of scientific research.
3. Teach core curriculum, guiding doctoral and master's.