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School of Foreign Languages

1.       History and Timeline:

School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of UESTC was initiated in 1956 as Foreign Language Teaching & Research Office. In 1984, Department of Foreign Languages was established. In 2001, School of Foreign Languages was officially founded. With 61-year construction and development, the school has a comprehensive educational system covering undergraduate and postgraduate programs, continuing education and overseas student education. SFL offers courses in English, Japanese, French, German, and Russian, playing a unique and significant role in cultivating talents, discipline construction, research on humanities, international cooperation and exchange, enriching campus culture and serving the society.

We have 118 fulltime teachers, with 13 professors and 52 associate professors taking up 55% of the total, and 56% of them have the experience of studying abroad over a year as students or visiting scholars. We have an outstanding teaching team consisting of one Academic and Technological Leader of Sichuan Province and two candidates, one New Century Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, one Teacher’s Ethics Model of the Ministry of Education, and one Eminent Teacher of Sichuan Province. In addition, SFL has frequent academic exchanges with renowned international universities and research institutions. Each year, celebrated experts and professors from America, Britain, France, Japan, etc., come to give lectures and to teach as adjunct professors.

There are four majors for undergraduates, including English, Japanese, translation and French. In harmony with UESTC’s dominant position in science and engineering disciplines, we make efforts to foster high-caliber foreign language talents equipped with creativity, solid language skills, knowledge of various fields, cross-cultural communication ability and global vision. Foreign language majors have the chance to make the best of educational resources available to get cross-disciplinary dual degrees through minors. Moreover, they can participate in various short- and medium-term international exchanges as well as joint education programs developed with renowned colleges and universities overseas through channels of international cooperation and exchange. In recent years, over 30% of students went to renowned universities including those in America, Britain, France, Japan, Singapore, etc., for visits or study.

SFL has the first-level Master’s Degree discipline of Foreign Language and Literature, covering fields such as Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Neurolinguistics, English Literature, Translation Studies, Comparative Literature and Cross-cultural Studies, and Japanese Language and Literature. SFL also has the professional degree programs of Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI). The two programs provide an advanced platform for undergraduates to pursue further study.

We provide well-facilitated teaching and research equipment, such as digitalized language lab, multimedia language lab, cloud computing foreign language education center, translation training platform and consecutive interpretation classroom. We have basic depository library, with more than 20,000 reference books in Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, German, etc., and various professional literature and journals. Digital reading room, Wenxuan retrieval system, and abundant audio-visual materials are provided as well. In addition, over 20 domestic and overseas practice and training bases with long-term cooperation have been established, offering adequate platforms for talents’ training.

       SFL puts cultivating language talents first, focusing on developing language disciplines with prominent humanity spirit and features. Based on excellent faculty team construction and academic research, we constantly explore talent development scheme. Through four systems of language teaching involving theory teaching, field training and practice, international education programs and online study, the school aims to enable students to master research-based learning and critical thinking, as well as equip them with the competence of cross-cultural communication, teamwork, and adaptability, which qualify students to be all-round foreign language talents with global vision, creativity and a sense of social responsibility.

2.       Research Fields:

(1) Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

(2) Cognitive Neurolinguistics

(3) English Literature

(4) Translation Studies

(5) Comparative Literature and Cross-cultural Studies

(6) Japanese Language and Literature

3.       Laboratories and Research Centers:

Theoretical Linguistics Research Center

Foreign Literature Research Center

Translation & Cross-Cultural Communication Research Center

Foreign Language Education Research Center

Cognitive-Neurolinguistics Research Center

4.       Contact Us:

1. Wei Zhongzhi: Email:;Tel: +8602861831833

2. Ou Yaling:;Tel: +8602861831622

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