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School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Introduction to the school (PDF)

1.     History and Timeline

In July, 2006 the Institute of Astronautic and Aeronautic was established in UESTC. With astounding development speed,it grew up “School of Aeronautic and Astronautic”  in 2012.Now it has more than 80 faculty members as well as20 management and supportive staff, who are organized from different Chinese universities and also from different countries of the world university’s providing expertise in traditional mechanical and aerospace engineers and their specialties including navigation, guidance and control, space information engineering and man-machine intelligent engineering.

The school administrative system is organized into threedivisions:

● Fundamental science and engineering

● Astronautics Engineering and

● Aeronautical Engineering 

The school offers a four-year Bachelor degree program in “ Navigation, Guidance and Control”, aiming at helping students develop broad engineering foundation as well as skills in relevant modern aeronautics and astronautics technologies.

At the graduate level, the school offers graduate program in Control Engineering and Science fields for Master Degree, PhD degree and Part-time Master Degree students. There are four different engineering disciplines namely:

● Systems Engineering

● Space Information Engineering

● Navigation, Guidance and Control

● Space Control Engineering

The research capacity of the school has dramatically increased in line with the speeding pace of research. Many advanced research and development projects have been undertaken cooperating with locally and internationally well-known industries and institutions. The School provides unique educational experience that facilitates students to address challenging problems in the field of Aeronautics & Astronautics,as well as develop communication and management skills through both independent work and teamwork.

2.     Research Fields

● Astronautics - Manned Space Flight

Measuring and controlling communications, simulation test and certification, and aerospace grade components.

● Aeronautics - Unmanned Space Flight

Simulation test verification, integrated measuring communications and flight control, integrated effective payload, and near space aircraft.

● Civil aviation - Aviation Safety Technology

Low-altitude air traffic control communication, navigation, surveillance technology, and aviation security detection.

● Man-machine Intelligent System

Support the bodies and make the arthropod animals with the various shapes, protect the important organs, assist and enhance the movement ability, medium for perception of environment.

3.       Laboratories and Research Centers:

The research and development centers follow as:

● Measurement Control and Communication Technology Research Center

●  Near Space Technology Research Center

●  Space Operations Technology Research Center

●  Measurement, Control and Communication Technology Research Center

●  Applied Acoustics Research Center

●  Aviation Safety Research Center

●  Space Microwave Millimeter-wave Technology Research Center

●   Optoelectronic System Technology Research Center

●   Technological applications of superconductivity Research Center

4.       Contact Us

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Tel: +8628-61831856

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