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School of Communication and Information Engineering

1.History and Timeline:

1956 — Department of Wire-line Technology is established.
1977 — Department of Radio Technology is established in attempt to adjust academic structure.
1995 — School of Communication & Information Engineering (SCIE) is formally established, which is composed of three departments.

Currently, the School of Communication and Information Engineering (SCIE) consists of 4 departments and a Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education of China.


●  Communication Engineering (National Characteristic Specialty)

●  Network Engineering (National Characteristic Specialty)

  Information Engineering

  Engineering for Interest of Things

Key Lab

  Optical Fiber Sensing and Communication

The School enrolls international Master and Ph.D. students in the discipline of Information and Communication Engineering, which is one of the National Key Disciplines and supported by the “211” and “985” projects. In 2012, the discipline of Information and Communication Engineering of UESTC ranked second in the Disciplines Evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education of China.

2.  Research Fields:

The current interested research fields of the School include:

Broadband Communication Network Technology,

Internet Technology and Theory,

Wireless and Mobile Information Network,

Complex and Multidimensional Information Processing,

Optical Communication Technology,

Optical Fiber Technology and Application,

Micro-nano Photonic Devices and Application,

IC Communication and Embedded System Technology,

RF Integrated Circuit and System,

Signal and Information Processing Technology,

Multimedia Communication and Processing Technology, etc.

3.  Laboratories and Research Centers:

  One Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education:Optical Fiber Sensing and Communication

  One National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center:Communication and Information system

  Two National Characteristic Specialties:Communication Engineering and Network Engineering

4.  Contact Us:



Tel: +8602861830618   +86028-61831315

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