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School of Physical Electronics

1.  History and Timeline:

1956—Department of Vacuum Electronic Device Teaching section for Physics is established

1978—Institute of High Energy Electronics is established

1979—Institute of Applied Physics is established

1984—Department of Physics is established

2001—School of Physical Electronics is established

Introduction to the School

2.  Research Fields:

(1)Electronic Science and Technology:

THz  Science and Technology

     Millimeter wave Electronics and Technology

     Microwave Electronics and Technology

     Biomedical Electromagnetics and Imaging


     Quantum field theory, String theory and Cosmology

     Space optical communication and laser radar

     Subwavelength Optics

     Nove functional materials and Optical spectroscopy

     Functional nanostructures and their physical properties

     Phase transition and radiation effects

     Computational Electromagnetics and Its Applications

     Microwave & Millimeter Wave Circuits and Systems

     Antennas and Propagation

     Theory and application in microwave plasma

3.  Laboratories and Research Centers:

UESTC & Media microwave tube manufacturing technology and applied microwave energy joint laboratory

UESTC & Yunke joint electronics device center

Police Equipment Joint Laboratory

UESTC-Shanwei express channel ultra-wide-bank electromagnetics joint laboratory

4.  Contact Us:

Dean Meng Ling
General Office
Tel:  +86 28 83202119  
Fax: +86 28 83202009

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