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Notice about Time Arrangement for the May Day

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Notice about Time Arrangement for the May Day


April 20, 2013


In accordance with Holiday Arrangement of the University for the May Day, the course schedule will be adjusted as follows:

1. Holiday Arrangement:

The holiday for the May Day will last for 3 days, from April 29 to May 1.

2. Course Schedule Adjustment:

The classes on April 29(Monday),April 30 (Tuesday) will be adjusted to April 27 (Saturday) and April 28(Sunday).

The classes on May 1 (Wednesday) will be canceled.

3. Holiday Safety & Travelling

May Day holiday is one of the rush seasons for travelling. It is suggested that our students stay in Chengdu and try to avoid long time staying in crowded areas such as bus/train station, shopping malls and etc. Lock the door and close the window when exit the dorm.

Students with travelling plans should register your travelling information at the office.

Please follow the above arrangements and pay attention to the safety during the holiday.

Emergency Contacts:

Tony    15608059762

Mr. Cai  13550376384