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Notice about Time Arrangements for the May Day and the Youth Day

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Notice about Time Arrangements for the May Day and the Youth Day


The Graduate School of UESTC

School of International Education

April 16, 2012


    In accordance with Holiday Arrangements of the University for the May Day and the Youth Day, the course schedule will be adjusted as follows:

1. Holiday Arrangements:

The holiday for the May Day will last for 3 days, from April 29 to May 1.

The holiday for the Youth Day will last for a half day, the afternoon of May 4.

2. Course Schedule Adjustments:

The courses on April 30 (Monday) will be adjusted to April 28 (Saturday).

The courses on May 1 (Tuesday) will be cancelled.

The courses on the afternoon of May 4 (Friday) will be cancelled.

3. Students planning to travel during the holiday are required to submit travelling information to the international office (Tony).

Travelling information submit deadline: April 28TH 3:00 PM

4. Dormitory Affairs

Dormitory affairs pls contact

Imran Memon: 15828694640     Leang Sovoleak: 15928580946

Ms Zeng:15928872980          Tony: 15982329496

For help.

5. School Bus Schedule Adjustment

During the May Day holiday, school bus will follow the weekend schedule.

Old Campus —New campus (west gate bus stop)




New campus—Old Campus(west gate bus stop)



6. Please follow the above arrangements and pay attention to the safety during the holiday.

Emergency Contact: 83200110 (old campus security office)

61830119 (new campus security office)

                 15928872980 (Ms Zeng)

15982329496 (Tony)