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Notice on Dragon-Boat Festival

published: 2012-06-13 10:28:49       hits: 

Dragon-Boat festival is one of the national public holidays in China and there will be a three-day holiday for the festival.

Date: June 22nd to June 24th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Students with any travelling plan out of Chengdu should register with the international office. Please keep yourself and your belongings safe during the holiday.


Security Office Contacts:83202241,83200110(Shahe Campus)

                          61830119    (Qingshuihe Campus)

International Office for Emergency Contacts: Tony   15982329496

                                             Ms Lin 13551035950

                                             Nancy  13438099742

                                             Celina 13666220060



Administrative Office, UESTC

International Office,  UESTC

June 6th, 2012