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Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences

1.       History and Timeline:

The Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences (IFFS) was established in June, 2014 in order to attract experts in the areas of fundamental and frontier research, implement its vision for a high-level research-focused university, strengthen its innovative capability and enhance its international academic impact. IFFS is also recognized as the 'Special Academic Zone' of UESTC.

Supported by preponderant disciplines, IFFS will carry out fundamental researches focusing on: Quantum Information, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry.

As the 'Special Academic Zone' of UESTC, IFFS adopts advanced management mode in line with international standards (PI and post-doctoral fellows form up research teams) and assessment mechanism with a long period (long-term international academic assessment). We are always trying our best to provide scholars with excellent working conditions to ensure the development of research, including research funds, competitive salary and benefits. IFFS hopes to gather excellent scholars both domestic and abroad to build the institute into an innovation-oriented center for international talents, with top academic achievements.  

The faculty of IFFS is currently composed of 45 personnel (including postdoctors). Among them, there is 3 Nobel Prize Honorary Professor, 3 Global Experts of the 1000 Talent Program, 2 Global Expert of the Short-term Foreign 1000 Talent Program, 8 Global Experts of the 1000 Talent Youth Program, 1 Winner of National Natural Science Foundation-Outstanding Youth Foundation, 3 Yangtze River Scholars, 2 Highly Cited Researchers from Thomson Reuters, 3 Elsevier Highly Cited Researchers, and 4 national academicians from developed countries.

2.       Research Fields:

Quantum Information, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Nano Structures, Computer Science, Optical Engineering etc.

3.       Laboratories and Research Centers:

IFFS has already built Research Centers for Quantum Information Science, Research Centers for Mathematics and Physics, Research Centers for Chemistry.

4.       Contact Us:

 Wulin Huang



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