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Warm Reminders for Aliens in Chengdu

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Warm Reminders for Aliens in Chengdu

Welcome to Chengdu!

In order to have a pleasant trip, please observe the following regulations and pay attention to the notes.

1. According to relevant reuglations, aliens, compatriots from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan shall report and register accommodation with valid certificates upon arrival in Chengdu.

A. Register accommodation at the reception desk of the hotel where you stay.

B. If aliens or compatriots from Honkong, Macao and Taiwan lodge in the local resident’s home, the lodger or host shall report and register accommodation in the local police station within 24 hours of the lodger’s arrival (within 72 hours in rural areas)

2. Make sure that the credentials you hold are valid.

A. Please extend your visa or residence permit with valid credentials and equired materials before it goes expiration if you plan to continue to stay in Chengdu

B. Aliens holding visas D,Z,X,J-1 shall apply for residence permit within 30days of entry into China in Exit & Entry Administration Department of Chengdu PSB

3. Aliens at the age of 16 and above shall take their passports or other identity documents with them for possible examination by the police.

4. Aliens without residence permit for working are not allowed to work in China

5. In case of any changes of name, nationality, cause of residence, passport number, place of work, college for studies, address and accompanying chindren,the holder of the residence permit shall, within 10 days, register such changes with the Exit- Entry Administration Department of the public security bureau at the place of his/her residence.

6. In case the passport is lost, stolen or taken away, aliens shall report immediately to the local police station and get the receip of case reporting,and then take it to the Exit &Entry Administration Department of Chengdu PSB for procedures of leaving China

7. Aliens, compatriots from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan are allowed to drive only after they obtain Chinese driving license according to the Regulation of People’s Republic of China on driving license of motor vehicles.

8. For your personal and property safety, Please pay attention to:

A. Keep your property and important credentials safe.Do not show your property in public.

B. Take safe transportations when you go out. (E.g. transportations provided by hotels, companies and friends or taxies with operation qualifications.)

C. Call 110 in case of emergencies.

9. Chinese government ensures lawful rights and interests of aliens.Aliens are required to observe laws and regulatuons of China. Otherwise he or she shall be investigated for liabilities according to the law.

10. Special service calls.

Alarm call: 110

Fire call: 119

Traffic accident call: 122

If using a foreign registered mobile phone, one should dial 0086-28 before the above numbers.

Exit &Entry Administration Department of Chengdu PSB

Address: Address: 2, RenMinXiLu Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Tel: 028-8640706786407364