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International Student Cultural Exhibition

published: 2012-12-07 09:48:00       hits: 

 Co-sponsored by School of International Education and the UESTC Student Union. The Foreign Students Cultural Exhibition was held on October 20 in front of the entrance to Yinhua Canteen. Students from the USA, Germany, Poland, Cambodia, Pakistan, Gana and many other countries presented their local customs at the exhibition. Vivid pictures, delicious traditional food and smiling faces brought new colors to the campus. 

The picture exhibition was a major part of the event, with the presentation of ethnical costumes, folk music and, of course, various dishes, all made by the students themselves from different countries. UESTC students who visited the exhibition enjoyed themselves both visually and gustatorily. The Cambodian students Kong Xun and Cheng Jun said happily: "We do enjoy this kind of cultural exchange, and hope to share our respective cultures with all friends from UESTC." 

 This cultural exhibition was reportedly one of the series of events to take place during the third International Education Exchange Week on the UESTC campus.