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2017 UESTC International Student New Year Celebration

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On 28th Dec. 2016, 2017 UESTC international student New Year Celebration was held in Student Activity Center. On behalf of UESTC, Vice-president Xiong Caidong attended this event and gave awards to winners of “2016 outstanding international students” and “2016 international student scholarship”. Attendants included leaders from Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, School of Graduate, Security Department, Management Center of Student Dormitory, School of Economics and Management, School of Public Administration and police officers from the local police station of West Zone of Hi-tech, and all of them together welcomed the New Year happily.

In this year, 92 international students won scholarship, among whom 40 students won the outstanding performance awards, 52 won the excellent academic awards. AHMED ABDALLA ALI HAMED and Memon Muhammad Hammad won “Scholarship for Outstanding Overseas Students in China” of Education Ministry of China. Doctor candidate MEMON MUHAMMAD HAMMAD and Master student OBOUR AGYEKUM KWAME OPUNI-BOACHIE won the honor of “2016 UESTC International Outstanding Student”. And MEMON MUHAMMAD HAMMAD won the prize of “2016 UESTC International Outstanding Student” and he gave a speech on behalf of all international students to extend his heartfelt thanks to his teachers and fellow students of UESTC, and to encourage his fellow students striving hard and consistently to reach their goals in their study of language, major and culture.

Di Aiying, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges concluded all the achievements made in the aspects of international developments and international student cultivation for the past year, extended thanks to all departments and schools who had contributed and congratulated to all the winners who had made excellent performance in 2016. She encouraged international students continuously to practice: “I COME, I LEARN, I EXPERIENCE, I GROW”, one the educational mission of International Educational School and wish them make more progress in the coming year.

President of Student Union, OBOUR AGYEKUM KWAME OPUNI-BOACHIE gave a speech on behalf of all international students to have a review of the past year and their excellent performances, and hope they would make more achievements in the coming year.

Along with the music “Chinese Kong Fu”(《中国功夫》),Taiji Society from School of Economics Management performed Taiji as floating clouds and flowing water to start this evening celebration. Their “Chinese Kong Fu” coupled hardness with softness with classic moves and style, and they won thundering applause from the audience. This Taiji Society once represents UESTC to attend the Taijiquan carnival activities of “Chengdu Sports” and won reputation for the university.

International students who acted as assistants of all UESTC departments also gave wonderful performances. For example, the hospital assistant ONGINJO JOSEPH OCHIENG appeared in the stage with two Angles in white singing together to express his love for his work; representatives of international student dormitory KPONOU ANIWANOU ELISEE and AHIA BRIGHT NANA KWAME shared their dorm management stories together with their dorm aunts. At present, there are 40 international student assistants from different countries with different skins and they played an increasing role in the daily management of all departments and School.

SUZANNE, once as a volunteer in BeiChuan, introduced their journey to this earthquake-affected region and their perceptions. They taught children to speak English, sing songs and in return, they also learned how to dance traditionally in Chinese way, what is Chinese Calligraphy and other traditional Chinese arts. At the same time, children from BeiChuan sent their wishes through videos to extend their thanks and welcome again international students. Apart from the cultivation of academic talents, UESTC attaches high attention to the cultivation qualified international students in response to our national strategy and diplomatic situation. This is fully embodied in the proactive volunteering activities of international students.

Dressed in the costumes of the republic of China, the international students, from the School of Political Science and Public Administration, sang a Red Song, The Sun Shine Is so Red at Jinggang Mountain, which is a reminder of the Jinggang Spirit. They gave an international zing to the song. The international students were full of energy and had a passion for UESTC and Chinese culture and history, said Zhang Mengmeng, a teacher from the School of Political Science and Public Administration.

Deep in emotion, NiyongaboRubungo Andre recited a famous poem, Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again, which brought the audiences into a romantic world with melodious music. A famous folk song, Jasmine, performed by Gurmu Kidist Fantahun, like a lovely and sweet spring breeze, illustrating the love for China and its culture from the international students. And the atmosphere was brought to the top by an old song, Zhangsan’s song in a brand new version, chorusing with the entire audience. In a good-bye song, the international students danced and sang together once more, drawing the end of the evening celebration.