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Chen-Ning Franklin Yang Pays UESTC a Visit and Gives Lectures

published: 2011-05-12 16:11:12       hits: 

On Sept. 9th and 10th, the eminent scientist, foreign associate of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nobel Prize winner for physics-- Mr. Chen-Ning Yang was invited to UESTC for visits and lectures and received a warm welcome by all the teachers and students.

In the afternoon of 9th, Mr. Chen-Ning Yang arrived at Qingshuihe Campus. The chiefs of UESTC held a cordial meeting with Mr. Chen-Ning Yang, including the General Secretary of UESTC Wang Zhiqiang and President of UESTC Wang Jingsong. On behalf of UESTC, General Secretary Wang Zhiqiang extended a warm welcome to Mr. Chen-Ning Yang. Mr. Wang said:"Today is a special day and the whole university is so excited to welcome Mr. Chen-Ning Yang." He then introduced the history, subject features, teaching staff and student cultivation of UESTC to Mr. Chen-Ning Yang.

Mr. Chen-Ning Yang was very interested in the subject features and humanistic education and asked for detailed information. He said he was so glad to be in UESTC and to communicate with the teachers and students here. He also said that with China’s continued economic growth, higher education would face a new situation of competition. Mr. Chen-Ning Yang then expressed his good wishes that UESTC would be better and better.

In the afternoon of 10th, Mr. Chen-Ning Yang spent Teachers'Day with 40-plus teachers of UESTC. He shared his learning and research experiences with the teachers and communicated with them about his insight into life.

Talking about the development of higher education and technology with the teachers, Mr. Chen-Ning Yang said:"A successful teacher is of more than one type. Einstein was not very good at giving a lecture. However, his articles are all far-sighted. As long as you work hard and achieve something, you've made your own contribution to the society." When asked by a young teacher (Liu Yong) about 'how teachers of higher education can do first-class research work’,  Mr. Yang placed much importance on interests. He said:"Nowadays the areas facing researchers are much wider than that of my time and you need to find those that you are really enthusiastic about." Mr. Chen-Ning Yang was also concerned about whether there was any required English and Chinese course for freshmen. He said that everyone needs to polish his writing skills, especially students of science and engineering.

Mr. Chen-Ning Yang expressed his confidence in China's education, science and technology and economic development. He recalled his memory of being at Tsinghua University when he was young. At that time, few universities in China have an engineering school. There was a small wind tunnel, which was super-small compared with today's wind tunnel, however, it was a big hit at that time. Mr. Chen-Ning Yang said with great emotion:"I witnessed China's change from being poor and weak in the past to being prosperous and strong today, and I am shocked by all the development."

Mr. Chen-Ning Yang gave full recognition to the traits of subjects and the way UESTC is running the school. He said:"Electronics will be more and more vital to any country. Facing national defense, UESTC has being cultivating a large number of cutting-edge talents majoring in electronics. This is a university of great importance and it has made its contribution to our country."

When Rao Dezhong asked Mr. Chen-Ning Yang if there was any research topic worthy of doing in the cross-areas of informatics, biology and physics, he humbly said:"I only have some basic and shallow knowledge about biology." He also said that if he was born at a wrong time, like 20 years earlier, he could hardly get all of his today's achievement.
Mr. Chen-Ning Yang also had exchange with teachers on the cultivation of talents with innovation, the promotion of research ability, the development of humanities for students from science and engineering universities, the comparison of Sino-US higher education, domestic studies on basic theories, etc.

The discussion meeting was hosted by General Secretary of UESTC Wang Zhiqiang. Mr. Wang extended the appreciation for Mr. Chen-Ning Yang's guidance to the teachers and wished all the teachers happy Teachers'Day.