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Chen-Ning Franklin Yang came to UESTC to give a lecture

published: 2011-05-12 16:12:40       hits: 

Mr. Chen-Ning Yang, who is a famous scientist and Nobel Prize Winner, visited UESTC and gave lectures. He also spent Teachers'Day with teachers and students of UESTC which was a time full of a festival atmosphere both in Qing Shuihe campus and Shahe campus.

After 10 o'clock, on the morning of September 10, a healthy man, Mr. Chen-Ning Yang came to UESTC's hall in Qing Shuihe campus, in which then the audience broke out in applause. During the 2-hour lecture, he shared his researching experience with teachers and students by humorous and everyday words. With scientist vision, he analyzed the history and research fronts of physics. He also enthusiastically told the story of the unforgettable friendships with famous physicist Einstein, Fermi, mathematician Chen Shengshen, and Two Bombs and One Satellite Deng Jiaxian, which took the teachers and students into a mysterious and wonderful scientific world.

Mr. Chen-Ning Yang has a worldwide reputation because of proposing "The Law of Parity Conservation and Other Symmetry Laws of Physics" with Lee Tsung-dao in 1957, which awarded them the Nobel Prize in Physics. However, Mr. Yang was brought into physics by reading "Mystery of the Universe", which was borrowed from a library during his secondary school. Mr. Yang said, being affected by the fabulous physical world in that book, he became firmly determined on being a physicist.

When Mr. Yang recalled the 6 years of studying at National Southwest Associate University, he especially mentioned his teachers Mr. Wu Dayou,the father of transuranide, and Mr. Wang Zuxi, a famous physicist, whom led Mr. Yang to the way of symmetry principle and Statistical Mechanics. "This is the dominating research in my life and it is the main point for me to get Nobel Prize," said Mr. Yang.

With a unique perception of scientist and rich life experience, Mr. Yang gave 7 valuable principles to students.  The first one was institution. The best opportunity for study is the crash of institution and knowledge. So we should seize the chance. Second is paying attention to new things and new ways, and paying less attention to the knowledge of books. Third is finding your own topic. Fourth is interesting and continuous preparation, which leads to good result. Fifth is good idea and never give up. Sixth is solving the basic problems. Seventh is that basic structures of originality are the most beautiful. He especially emphasized the importance of interests and ardently spoke to the students in UESTC: find interests, cultivate interests, and develop interests.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Chen-Ning Yang interacted and communicated with students. One student asked "when will a Chinese win the Nobel Prize?" Mr. Yang answered without hesitation "in 20 years or maybe 10 years," which won an amount of thunderous applause.

Mr.Wang Zhiqiang, the party secretary of UESTC, attended the lecture. Mr. Wang Jinsong, the president of UESTC, hosted the lecture. Mr. Wang said, "Mr. Yang's spirit of pursuing the truth is deeply moving every student in UESTC. He led us to a holy and sublime scientific palace and built an atmosphere of pursuing the truth and upholding science. I furthermore hope that the students may have a spirit of lofty feelings, to practice, unaware of difficulties".

This lecture was live broadcasted to Qing Shuihe campus from the international conference center in Shahe campus.