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UESTC Held the Opening Ceremony for International Students

published: 2011-05-12 16:28:19       hits: 

The international students opening ceremony of 2010 was held in Qing Shuihe Campus of UESTC on September 16th. More than 100 students who are short-term exchange students from Singapore, Ghana, Australia and other countries attended the ceremony. Mr. Wang Houjun, vice president of UESTC, warmly welcomed students with this old Chinese saying"How happy we are, to meet friends from far away!"

Mr. Wang Houjun said, "UESTC sets international development as one of the most important future ambitions. On the one hand, UESTC encourages students to go abroad to enrich self-knowledge. On the other hand, we also welcome exchange students to come to our university for study." He introduced the situation of personnel training, scientific research and so on. Meanwhile he introduced some outstanding alumni, such as Ding Lei and Sun Yafang. Mr. Wang Houjun hopes international students have more communication with professors and the students have an open mind. In order to further understanding of Chinese culture, international students not only have courses and do research, but also participate in sports, calligraphy competition, and visit IT companies. He said, UESTC will warmly and kindly welcome the international students and do their best to help them. He also wishes students may have a fruitful future and make great progress in their studies in UESTC.

One student, whose name is Kingsford, and who is from Ghana Grace LuMa Grams University of science and technology expresses that he is very pleased of studying in UESTC, which is a famous university, and it is also a great honor. He said, "The new campus of UESTC is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. And the teachers and students are very friendly."He thanked UESTC for their efforts to support the international students and the heartfelt help provided by the volunteers. On behalf of the international students, Kingsford promised they would comply with Chinese laws and rules of the university, as well as respect teachers and students. He said, "The international students will not only finish their learning but also study Chinese language and culture, being good messengers of cultural communication."

Mr. Tang Yu, professor of the school of computer science,on behalf of more than 2000 faculty of UESTC, expresses sincere greetings to international students and introduces the teachers in UESTC. He thinks teachers are not only specialists, but also educators. They care about the situations of students'study and life, and try their best to help. Professor Tang Yu said, "Studying is hard work. It includes a heavy work load and difficult tests and projects. But it is not a lonely journey. He hopes students may have enough mental preparation and actively seek help from teachers and students. Professor Tang believes international students will be proud of UESTC, and UESTC will be proud of international students in the future.

Mrs. Di Aiying, the director of International Cooperation and Exchange, held the opening ceremony. She said, "Doing work in the international field and attracting international students to China is the only way to gain the title of a first-class university. Recently, our country and university has been paying more attention to international education. The quality of teachers provides a strong support for the work. UESTC will make use of professional advantages to embark on an international road.”On the basic measures, Mrs. Di said, “UESTC will continue to expand the mode of university-enterprise cooperation, make full use of available resources, and build hardware and software environment, especially the supporting of an educational system."

As a guest, Ju Feng, project manager of resource development of China Poly Group Corporation Poly Technology Co. Ltd., attended the opening ceremony. Some other relevant responsible persons of the university’s departments also attended the ceremony.