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TI Strengthens the Cooperation with UESTC

published: 2011-05-12 16:31:34       hits: 

On October 14th, delegation from TI (Shanghai) led by CEO Xie Bing paid a visit to UESTC and donated to UESTC Education Development Fund. The cooperation between the two sides has been further deepened.

Mr. Wang Yafei, the vice secretary of CPC of UESTC, met with Mr. Xie Bing and told him that the more than ten years' of cooperation between UESTC and TI set a good example of school-enterprise cooperation. He also said that UESTC would continue to support TI in scientific research and talent cultivation and hoped that both sides will make contribution to the cultivation of high-level talents and hi-tech development.

Mr. Xie expressed the idea that with TI's development in China and the support from UESTC, there are a great number of excellent graduates in TI and the company welcomes more outstanding students from UESTC to practice and work in TI. TI hopes to do a better job in technology development, manufacturing and being a responsible social member.

The donation ceremony was held then. On behalf of UESTC, Song Yong, the secretary general of UESTC Education Development Fund presented the donation certificate to Mr. Xie Bing.

After the ceremony, Mr. Xie gave the excellent lecture entitled Seize the Opportunity of Today and Look into the Future to the students of UESTC.

The cooperation on scientific research and talent cultivation between TI and UESTC has been continuously deepened since it started in 1997. During the past ten years, the UESTC-TI DSP Technology Center co-founded by the two parties has cultivated more than 10,000 undergraduates, more than 300 graduates and doctors and has completed nearly 50 major scientific research projects. In 2006, at the Chinese Institutes of Higher Education一 Large-scale Enterprise Cooperation Forum, the scientific research and talent cultivation program of UESTC and TI has been awarded as Top 10 Examples of Talent Cultivation.