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A Welcome Party is Held for International Students from the School of Management

published: 2011-05-12 16:34:47       hits: 

Recently, the first batch, which is comprised of 12 international students have registered in the School of Management and Economics. In the afternoon of the 17th, Sept., teachers and students from the School of Management and Economics held a great welcome party for them in Room 304, East Main Building. 12 international students, 16 graduate students of Grade 2 and 3 and Shen Ruichen - class adviser of international students - participated in the party.

The party started in an atmosphere of joy. Mr. Shen Ruichen gave a welcoming speech, expressing his hope for the international students to have a happy and fruitful life in China and be engrossed in study, to enjoy the experience and culture and to become the envoys of exchange for China and their own country.

Then, international students introduced their own county and local customs with enthusiasm. Students of home and abroad learnt a lot about foreign cultures through questions and answers and got a better understanding with each other through exchange. Teachers and students all gave wonderful performances: One student from Vietnam Xu Xiongxi sang the song "Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui" and one Nepalese student Khusbu sang a folk song. A student from Benin Jean Marie performed the classic dancing of Michel Jackson's "Bad", and Mr. Shen performed an excerpt of Peking opera Hong Deng Ji. These are just a few of the many good performances.