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English Song Contest

published: 2011-05-12 16:37:32       hits: 

On October 21st, the English song contest, the star turn of UESTC's 2nd international exchange week, was held in the lecturer hall of the library. Students from home and abroad, all singing and dancing spent a wonderful night together which was full of excitement, laughter, and different cultures.

International students from Ghana showed the audience the African passion and vigor. Nii attracted all the attention the minute he stepped on the stage and conquered the audience with his dancing. Li Chao's song Somewhere Over the Rainbow left the audience with much to savor.

In the end, contestant No. 11 Jin Tian was awarded 1st prize for his excellent performance. Nii and Xu Lumei were awarded 2nd prize. The Most Popular Award and The Award for Best International Friend went to contestant No. 5 Wang Qi and Kingsford respectively.