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Delegate from University of Glasgow Pays a Visit to UESTC

published: 2011-05-12 16:41:54       hits: 

On 2nd, Nov., Lisa Ballantyne, senior official from the International Department of University of Glasgow paid a visit to UESTC. Director of Office of International Cooperation & Exchange Di Aiying and other related personnels met with the guest.

On behalf of UESTC, director Di Aiying extended warm welcome to University of Glasgow's visit. During the visit, the two sides had an in-depth exchange and discussion about furthering cooperation and cooperative models for running schools. Through cooperation, the two universities have carried out progamms such as 2+2 Duel Degree, 3+1 and 4+1, as well as others in the past. Some students from UESTC have begun their studies in University of Glasgow. Both of the two sides hope they can further deepen cooperation and expand school-running models by such exchange.

After the meeting, Lisa Ballantyne gave a speech about existing cooperation models for UESTC's students, explaining in detail the life and university study conditions in the city of Glasgow, how to apply for enrollment in the University of Glasgow and the scholarship, expenses, etc.