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UESTC-W&M English Summer Camp Closes in Success

published: 2011-09-23 15:02:05       hits: 


From July 16 to August 14, twenty-one students from School of Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics, School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Economic Management, School of Talent Cultivation, School of Physical Electronics, and School of Electronic Engineering went to the United States and launched an English Summer Camp at College of William and Mary.


During the one-month cultural exchange program, W&M arranged for the UESTC students a variety of activities. The English training course helped the students overcome psychological barriers they had had in learning the language and greatly improved their linguistic competence by talking bravely in English. Face-to-face interviews with professors from W&M’s Department of Physics, Department of Applied Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Department of Education gave them deeper insight into the latest disciplinary development and research methods. Lectures on American history, laws, education, and leadership techniques helped broaden their horizon. Exchange of ideas with W&M volunteers on political systems and community services contributed to their better understanding of their American counterparts’college life and of the differences between Chinese and American college students. During the third week of their visit, the UESTC students went to stay with host families, which allowed them to take a closer look at the American family life and society. The students developed lasting friendship with their hosts. 

W&M faculty and students expressed their appreciations about their visitors’enthusiasm, decency and knowledge. Virginia McLaughlin, vice-dean of education department, commented on the UESTC students’outstanding performance, saying that she had become more confident about further cooperation with UESTC, and that she planned to visit UESTC by the end of this year to discuss bilateral cooperation. Prof. Tang Yanfang, W&M Chinese Language Program manager and director of Confucius Institute, said that she had clearly seen the extraordinary quality of UESTC and the brilliant future of the Chinese younger generation. 

Apart from staying at W&M, the students also paid visits to other prestigious American institutions of higher learning such as Princeton University, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The summer campers gained a great deal of knowledge about American education and scientific development. Many of them took delight in talking about their experiences in the United States, saying that they would treasure the beautiful memories of that one-month unforgettable camp life, which had left great impact on their future life.