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UESTC Officially Launches Celebration Campaign for Its 55th Anniversary

published: 2011-09-24 02:41:05       hits: 


Universityof Electronic Scienceand Technology is going to have its 55th birthday. A celebration campaign with the theme of “Looking Back and Looking Forward” has recently been launched officially, according to university authorities concerned.


Over the past greater half of a century, generation after generation of UESTC people have practiced the motto of “being ambitious and entrepreneurial while adopting the matter-of-fact and truth-seeking attitude”. They have always given full love, loyalty and devotion to the University for which they have worked and of which they have succeeded in making a cozy and harmonious home. Looking back into the past 55 years will help plant our mission more firmly in our mind and inspire us to be united as one to promote disciplinary development in a more substantially intensive manner. The university authorities, therefore, have arranged a series of activities to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the founding of UESTC.


It is informed that the celebration campaign will mainly include the Celebration Ceremony of the 55th Anniversary of UESTC and Welcome Evening Party for New Students, the University Sports Meet, the UESTC Alumni Meeting, the Communication Meeting of Prestigious High School Principals, the Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphic Works by UESTC Alumni, Faculty and Students, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, as well as various celebration activities held by different schools. Moreover, UESTC Student Dormitory Online File Transmission System will be officially opened, picture albums of UESTC Memoirs, and UESTC Alumni will be complimented away, and the UESTC English Website, and the Database of UESTC Academic Classics will be officially published online.

The countdown has begun for launching the celebration campaign. The celebration guidelines are set, alumni being contacted, souvenirs being made, stage shows being rehearsed, and exhibition items being collected. Everything is going on well for the great occasion.