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2010 Top 10 Figures of UESTC

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They are:
1.        Li Lewei. Selected candidate for Plan of Thousand, and mainly works on electromagnetic field theory and wireless and microwave technology.
2.        Deng Longjiang. National Youth Science Foundation recipient. Mainly engaged in research of stealth materials and technology.
3.        Xia Mingyao. Distinguished professor of Cheung Kong Scholar. Mainly engaged electromagnetic field and microwave technology.
4.        Huang Kaihong. Senior student from School of Mechatronics Engineering and team leader of University robotics competition team. The team topped as the champion of Asia-Pacific Robot Final Contest of College Students.
5.        Zhou Tao. Won Sweden Chorafas Young Scientist Award this year. Mainly engaged in information mining, web of science and science of complexity.
6.        Qu Zehui. PhD students from School of Computer Science & Engineering, whose academic paper is published on American magazine Science.
7.        Deng Hongxiang. PhD student from School of Physical Electronics, whose academic paper is published on Physical Review Letters, USA.
8.        Rao Dezhong. Selected candidate for innovation team of Cheung Kong Scholar.
9.        Zhu Xiaoning. Two courses: Public Organization Behavior and Management Psychology were selected as China Quality OCW.
10.      Tao Bowan. Winner of National Young Scientists Award, and mainly engaged in electronic materials.