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Six UESTC Students Chosen for Canada Mitacs

published: 2013-04-17 10:25:00       hits: 

The National Scholarship Council has delivered a message that 5 UESTC students have been chosen for Canada Mitacs Undergraduate Internship Program, with the number ranking first among all the 39 universities listed. Moreover, Bi Shengjie from the School of Physical Electronics made a direct application and received admission.

Canada Mitacs Undergraduate Internship Program, co-organized by Informational Technology and Integrated Mathematics Organization of Canada and National Scholarship Council, will implement the Plan of National medium- and long-term Educational Reform and Development (2010-2020) and the Plan of Outstanding Engineers Cultivation, and aims to enhance educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two sides and promote internationalism of undergraduates. The content covers research subject internship guided by Canadian tutors, extensive exchanges with Canadian enterprises of all walks, and research report to Canadian universities and enterprises. The 39 universities chosen by National Scholarship Council could each recommend 5 students per year at top. Apart from the round-trip tickets, those chosen ones could be aided 2 months of maintenance by National Scholarship Council, and one month by Mitacs.

UESTC has always taken active participation in the program since its foundation in 2012 when 3 among the 72 chosen students came from our school. In 2013, we, hearing the notice of Mitacs, are immediately devoted to publicity and organization. Eventually, 5 UESTC applicants are recommended and chosen for the program, making the largest proportion of the 76 students from 39 universities all over the country.

——Translated by Yang Rongxin