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Glasgow School Calls the First Videoconference

published: 2013-04-22 10:47:00       hits: 

On the afternoon of April, 18, Glasgow School convenes the first academic committee conference of joint education project between Glasgow University and UESTC. Zhao Zhiqin, the dean of Glasgow School, takes the chair.


The attendees on Chinese side are prof. Peng Qicong, prof. Di Aiying, prof. Zhao Zhiqin, prof. Hu Jun and associate prof. Liu Xingang. On the Glasgow University side, there are John Marsh, dean of Engineering College, prof. Yun Li of System Engineering, prof. John Davies and Scott Roy of Electronics and Nano-system, senior lecturer Huabing Yi of biomedical engineering, prof. Donald Balance, prof. Karen McIlvaney and Representative Laura Dickson.

Committee members have had in-depth and extensive discussion on every aspect of joint education project, including cultivation concept, degrees and academic administrative rules, teaching management model, teaching quality supervision, assessment and implementation. Both sides have reached consensus on the following terms:

   First, the disciplines of Glasgow School, as part of the joint project, should received assessment by England Higher-education Quality Assessment Association (QAA).

   Second, management of school roll and academic administrative rules both should apply to those of the two sides.

   Third, English teaching would focus on application ability and cultural alleviation.

Furthermore, both parties also negotiate on the details, like experiment implementation, personnel and teachers’ dormitory arrangement.

——Translated by Yong Rongxin