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Montpellier Delegation, France, Visits UESTC

published: 2013-04-28 10:20:19       hits: 

he afternoon of April, 23, President Li Yanrong and vice president Wang Houjun warmly receive the delegation of University Region of Montpellier, Montpellier government and Université Montpellier 2 (UM2). The two sides review the past friendly exchanges and thoroughly discuss about the future cooperation.


President Li Yanrong extends sincere welcome to the delegation and briefly introduces our school. UESTC, he says, the first higher institute of electronic information since the foundation of PRC, has cultivated numerous talents in this area and currently enjoys a good momentum in its dominant subjects. It has a high place in the national subject ranking newly publicized by the Ministry of Education, among which electrical science and technology ranks first, information and communication engineering tied for second. Moreover, UESTC also puts value on subject expansion and international exchanges and cooperation, having established deep relationships with plenty famous institutes worldwide, including partnership with College of William and Mary, and joint education project with Glasgow University.

Montpellier is the first French city befriends with China, and Chengdu; while UESTC rejoices its friendly cooperation with UM2 based on constant exchanges and visits. Meanwhile, both sides share common grounds in some distinct disciplines which consolidate the cooperation foundation for talent training, scientific research and cultural exchanges. Li hopes the collaboration between the two parties, in the backdrop of joint Confucius Institute, would be broadened and deepened.

Christian PHILIP, head of delegation and University Region of Montpellier, is grateful for the hospitality. He perceives the joint construction of Confucius Institute as a fuel to Chinese popularization in Montpellier and a good start to enhance our bilateral cooperation.

Deputy Mayor Perla DANAN emphasizes the significance of the joint project, a key stimuli to Chinese promotion. And Montpellier government has faith in the project and would be supportive to its function.

President Michel Robert indicates that UM2 possesses its own features in science and engineering. He wholeheartedly hopes Confucius Institute could be an opportunity to strengthen two-side cooperation, especially in the field of academic exchanges and scientific studies.

Currently, all fields of endeavor are being pushed forward orderly.