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Joint Construction of Confucius Institute

published: 2013-05-17 22:35:00       hits: 


In April 26, madam Xu Lin, director-general of China Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), warmly received the 3-party delegation from UESTC, Montpellier government and Université Montpellier 2 (UM2), and listened carefully to report about building up Montpellier Confucius Institute. After assessment, she, on behalf of China Hanban, signed agreement with UM2.

The construction of Confucius Institute, in her view, may serve as a bridge to promote mutual understanding and deepen two-way friendship between China and the rest of the world. It helps China stand on a wider international arena by introducing Chinese splendid culture and exhibiting vigorous modern China. The partnership with France is intertwined with their long-term exchanges. She sincerely hoped both sides would endeavored to support a healthy, long-lasting development of Confucius Institute to meet the needs for cultural and linguistic learning, strive to enhance the friend cooperation between the two cities, between two universities.


Head of Montpellier delegation Christian Philip expressed the value they put on this partnership in his report. Ever since 1981 when Montpellier and Chendu became sister cities, a mass of fruitful exchanges have been achieved in terms of science, education and culture. Strong demands for Chinese study emerge among students, government personnel and corporate staff. With such backdrop, Montpellier proposed to set up a Christian Philip, committing to be supportive in an all-around way, and determined to up-level Montpellier Confucius Institute to be one of high-quality and great influence.

Madam DANAN, deputy mayor in charge of Montpellier’s international affairs, indicated that a joint Confucius Institute has long been one of their aspirations; therefore they would offer solid and enduring support.

President Robert Michel addressed UM2’s strong capability in talent training, scientific researches and great influence exerted on basic biology, energy and environmental study and electrical information. These joint efforts would serve as a golden opportunity to extend our academic cooperation and exchanges into greater depth.

President Li Yanrong reported UESTC’s strong affection to and safeguard measures of this collaboration. Several major breakthroughs had been gained due to our international strategy. The mutual trust established during the long-time exchanges with Montpellier and UM2 lays a sound foundation for further cooperation. After two years’ arduous and careful discussion, consensus was finally achieved. With ample preparations in policies, human resources, material and financial sectors, UESTC would do it best to help a smooth, lasting operation.

The work reports from both sides had been highly acclaimed and praised by the leaders in Hanban. Director Xu Lin appreciated their ardent sincerity, strong affection and enhanced preparations, and hoped to see a distinct Confucius Institute with solid foundation and guarantee.

According to available resources, Montpellier Confucius Institute would function in this September. Preparation work is under way in an orderly fashion.

——Translated by Yang Rongxin