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2013 International Workshop on Advanced Materials and Radiation Effects (AMRE) h

published: 2013-08-29 09:48:28       hits: 

Recently, 2013 International Workshop on Advanced Materials and Radiation Effects (AMRE) was held in Room 104, First Teaching Building, Shahe Campus, UESTC. More than 70 delegates from U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and China attended this conference to discuss the topic “Advanced Materials and their Radiation Effects.” Prof. Zu Xiaotao, from School of Physical Electronics, UESTC, served as the President.



Prof. Wei Gao, Fellow of Royal Society NZ and IPENZ, Prof. Lumin Wang, Prof. John F. Mansfield, Prof. Kai Sun, from University of Michigan, Prof. Yanwen Zhang, from University of Tennessee, Prof. Weilie Zhou, from University of New Orleans, Prof. Qingkai Yu, from Texas State University, Prof. Richard Yongqing Fu, fromUniversity of the West of Scotland, Prof. Sean Li, from University of New South Wales, and other professors from domestic institutes or universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, etc., were invited to participate and deliver their speeches relevant to the topic this year.

The conference focused not only on various nanostructures such as graphene, nanoarray, etc. and their application in electronics, sensing, detection, driving and other areas, but also on the radiation effects of energetic particles in advanced materials such as nuclear-relevant materials and their impact on performance. Professors introduced the latest theoretic calculation and experimental development on the preparation of advanced materials, the characterization of microstructures (including the advanced analytic technology in the atomic scale), macromechanics, optics, electrics, and the radiation damage and modification of regular materials and nanostructured materials. Afterwards, a heated discussion was carried out among all scholars, teachers and students of UESTC.

Further, both sides exchanged views and drew up a plan on joint pattern in cultivating graduate students, academic communication, and strengthening research collaboration.

——Translated by Zhu Guo