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President Li Yanrong’s Speech at 2013 Commencement

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Build a More Fulfilling Life by Realizing Your Dream

——President Li Yanrong’s Speech at 2013 Commencement


Good morning, everyone!

Today, we’re exhilarated to get together to give more than 7,800 graduates our best wishes.

At the time when you are going to start your new journey, on behalf of UESTC, I’d like to extend our warm congratulations to all of you for graduation.

Meanwhile, I suggest we give our applause to your parents, teachers, classmates who have supported and helped you all the time, and a big applause to you yourselves, who have worked hard in the past few years for this day!

Today, I read on your young and vigorous faces not only excitement for graduation, but also expectation for the future, which reminds me of 30 years ago, when I was an ordinary 1983 college graduate, sitting off stage and listening to the teaching of my alma mater, just like what you are doing now.

The difference lies in that you are in the best time for development in China, and I’m convinced that you have a broader stage to fulfill your dreams.

We have high expectations of you: you should have the courage to dream, be not only daring to chase it, but also diligent to realize it and always keep your dreams in heart!

UESTC wholeheartedly wish you go further and fly higher in your life, to become pillars of our nation and social elite, and to grow from good to better and to best.

A few years ago, you came to this university, fresh, immature but expectant from all over the country; now, you are grown and confident enough to be a builder in the construction of China’s future.

It is said that life is a game of two halves: the first half is learning in primary, high schools and colleges, in which you have obviously done a great job, while the second half is to return to society and realize your value of life by contributing to our society and country in all walks of life. And I have no doubt that you will also succeed in the second half!

I’d like to thank you for winning UESTC all kinds of honors and awards in the past few years. You speak for UESTC students and show UESTC spirit of In Sought of Facts and Truth, In Spirit of Ambition and Accomplishments. UESTC is proud of you for your aspiration, vitality and drive!

As we all know, Dream is a hot word, which shows its significance for a country, a nation, and individuals. I’d like to take this opportunity to propose three expectations for mutual encouragement.

  1. Cherish Motherland in our hearts and dare to take on responsibilities

You are just in the right time of the critical period for the realization of two centennials of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. You take up the great responsibility of the time for you will be the main builders of the nation in the following two to three decades.

The goal of realizing a well-off society in an all-round way, building an innovative country and achieving modernization until the rejuvenation of Chinese nation provides you with limitless space and opportunity for development and showing yourselves.

No matter what you do in the future, as long as you attach your personal dream to the Chinese dream and national dream, you can build a wonderful life.

  1. Set up high aspirations and strive for excellence

Each of you is of high plasticity and great potential. In the coming years, I suggest you continue to broaden your horizons, enrich your experiences and to get full-fledged.

One’s vision decides how far he/she can look into the future, 5 years, 10 years or decades. Only by standing at a higher point can you get a further and wider view.

One’s working standard is largely decided by his/her spiritual merit and ideological level. Low standards and simple repetition consumes one’s energy, impair one’s enthusiasm and can hardly gives you a sense of achievement.

No matter what you engage in the future, your life would be extremely meaningful if you achieve such state as always imitated, but never surpassed,

My dear students, you will face lots of choices and temptations in your future, and I hope you often ask yourselves what you are capable to do and to make a difference and what not.

For those you can, spare no effort to make it, while for those you can’t, be tolerant to endure and wait.

 Most of all, you should learn to tell the difference between those you can and can’t in order to avoid twists and turns, learn to give up something in order to gain some others, to leave out something in order to make better achievements.

  1. Surpass yourselves by continuous learning

A big dream becomes daydream if you cannot come down to earth, endure loneliness, look up at the sky and gaze at the sea with a peaceful heart and learn from others.

People’s dreams differ from one another, however, no matter what you do and what obstacles you encounter, keep focusing on doing well your first task because well begun is half done.

Actually, many successful people focus on only one task throughout his/her lifetime.

Life is short and individuals play limited roles in this society. At bottom, men are carriers of genetic genes in this natural world, therefore, fame and wealth are nothing in essence.

But as long as you create the opportunity and atmosphere through your own effort to realize your potential and contribute to the society and country, your life value is achieved and success gained. If you make further contribution to social development, you are extremely excellent.

To conclude, my dear students, keep your dreams in your hearts, step on the road under your feet, and always remember UESTC is your home.

I wish you every success and a healthy and joyful life.

And welcome back to your mother university——UESTC!

Thank you!

——Translated by Luo Lang