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UESTC Holds the 2013 Opening Ceremony

published: 2013-09-05 15:23:45       hits: 

On September 2, UESTC 2013 opening ceremony was held on Qingshuihe Campus. Secretary Wang Zhiqiang, President Li Yanrong, Vice-President Yu Minming, Ma Zheng, Wang Houjun, Luo Jiahui, Zhu Hong, Xiong Caidong, Yang Xiaobo, deans from all schools, directors of university departments, over 6000 freshmen and parents representatives attended the ceremony which was hosted by Deputy Secretary Wang Yafei.



On behalf of UESTC, President Li Yanrong extended a warm welcome to all new coming students to join in UESTC. He said, today marked a new beginning for freshmen because they were going to face a new environment, embark on a new journey, and grasp a new learning pattern. He further shared his opinion on the significance of a university.  In his words, a university is the place for youth to seek truth, the gateway for youth to contact the society, and the land for youth to enjoy cultural influence.


President Li Yanrong added that dream and motivation were the keys to success in college life; anyone who no longer kept his or her goals, dreams and motivations, was doomed to be a loser.At last, he hoped that every freshman should learn to learn, learn to choose, and learn to be in UESTC, and encouraged all students to fulfill their dreams with intelligence and diligence, to return their families with constant progress, and to make UESTC more wonderful with their excellent performance and healthy growth.

Vice-President Zhu Hong announced the freshman scholarship winners of 2013. Zhang Tianyao, from Yingcai Experimental School, and other 59 students were awarded Freshman Scholarship. Leng Kaixuan, from Yingcai Experimental School, and other 9 students received Tang Lixin Freshman Scholarship.


On behalf of all faculty, Prof. Gong Yubin, the Cheung Kwong Scholar from School of Physical Electronics, expressed his best wishes to all freshmen. He urged all students to assume responsibilities, to harbor great ambitions, to improve capabilities, to build healthy bodies, and to start each day with good mood.

Chair of the Postgraduate Union, Zhou Yi, from School of Communication & Information Engineering welcomed all younger students and advised them to endure loneliness, stick to hard work, and spare no efforts to realize their life values.

Freshmen representative, Luo Yadan, from Yingcai Experimental School said in the next four years they would practice UESTC spirit “In Sought of Facts and Truth, In Spirit of Ambition and Accomplishments,” and live up to parents’ expectations and teachers’ instructions.

Parents’ representative, Bai Huangkui, sending all his three sons to UESTC said UESTC was a prestigious university they dreamt of, and believed that UESTC would give their dreams the wings to fly.

The triplet brothersBai Guanlin, Bai Yahe and Bai Jijiao said in an interview they would take full use of the resources provided by UESTC, attach equal importance to both study and viola, and cherish the valuable years in university.


The opening ceremony ended up with “Ode to the Motherland” sung by all the faculty and students.

——Translated by Zhu Guo