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Launch of UESTC-University of Montpellier 2 Confucius Institute

published: 2013-09-29 11:07:15       hits: 

On Mid-Autumn Festival, September 19, UESTC-University of Montpellier 2 Confucius Institute was officially launched with a grand inauguration ceremony held in the Multi-functional Hall of the Confucius Institute at Jaque premier Aragon, Montpellier.

Leading a delegation and the Students Art Group to attend the inauguration ceremony, President Li Yanrong unveiled the Confucius Institute and signed the Implementation Agreement for the Development of the Confucius Institute with Representative of the Confucius Institute Association, Chair of the Board of Advisors and President of University of Montpellier 2 Michel Robert.



Mayor of Montpellier, School District Chief Executive of Languedoc-Roussillon Region, President of University of Montpellier 2, President of University of Montpellier 1, Counselor for Education at Chinese Embassy in France, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal People’s Congress of China and other guests attended the ceremony, and expressed their congratulations on the founding of the Confucius Institute.


At the ceremony, Ms. DANAN, Vice-Mayor in charge of international affairs said Montpellier is an open, innovative and vibrant city where the college town, research institutes, and citizens have deep interests in China, and are eager to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Mayor Hélène Mandroux mentioned, with the booming of China’s economic development, China’s influence is rising steadily around the world. She suggested Europeans turn more focus to the East and learn Oriental languages, and the establishment of the Confucius Institute is a major breakthrough on the cooperation and exchange between Montpellier and Chengdu. She believed this platform for the exchange of language and culture will play an increasingly important role in the communication between two sister cities and two countries.

As the top leader in the field of education within Languedoc-Roussillon Region, School District Chief Executive Philip said the Confucius Institute will provide continuous Chinese language teaching from primary school, secondary school to universities to better meet the needs that Chinese language course has been included in the basic national education system. He encouraged teenagers in France to learn Chinese language and gain better knowledge about China for growing to be more internationally competitive.

Helping refresh the exchange history between China and France, Counselor Ma Yansheng said both China and France are great nations with time-honored civilization in the East and the West, and their friendship is of great significance to world peace and development. He extended his sincere thanks to the endeavor and enthusiasm paid by all walks of life in Montpellier, expressed good wishes for the healthy development of the Confucius Institute, and expected more efforts it will make to deepen the friendship between China and France in the future.

President of University of Montpellier 2, Michel Robert, as the most powerful promoter for the joint construction of the Confucius Institute, congratulated on the achievements between two universities in the past two years. He hoped and believed that the Confucius Institute will improve international cooperation in education, academic exchange and joint research, and contribute to scientific and technological innovation for both countries.


On behalf of UESTC, President Li Yanrong expressed his gratitude to the support from the local governments and people of both sides. He promised the Confucius Institute in Montpellier will develop smoothly in a sound way. “With our attitude of rigorousness, pursuit for cooperation, enthusiasm towards cultural exchange and spirit of team work…we are confident about the prospects of our cooperation,” he said, “UESTC has the responsibility and ability of participating in the cultural exchange in various forms which is also an important part of our internationalization strategies.”

President Li Yanrong agreed with President Michel Robert’s view that it is a good opportunity to further the cooperation in exchange of scholars and students, educational and teaching activities, and scientific research by the launch of the Confucius Institute. He said, “Besides our strong discipline Electronic Science and Technology, UESTC also features in Life Science, and Economics and Management. And French major, which emerges with the need of the development of UESTC-Alliance Français Joint Center of French Training and the Confucius Institute, will start enrolling students next year. So we look forward to the mutually beneficial cooperation with University of Montpellier1, University of Montpellier 2, University of Montpellier 3, and other research institutes in France. ”

On the special occasion of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, President Li Yanrong briefly introduced its cultural meaning to French guests, and extended warm greetings to overseas Chinese and students. He made a promise, “With joint efforts of both sides, our Confucius Institute is certain to provide high-quality Chinese language courses and host diverse cultural activities, to strengthen understanding and cooperation between China and France.”


Vice-President of UESTC Wang Houjun read the letter of congratulation from Ms. Xu Lin, Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Director-General of Hanban. In the letter she said, “As one of the most dynamic trade centers in southern France, Montpellier established the friendship with Chengdu 30 years ago as the first pair of sister cities between China and France. The joint construction of UESTC-University of Montpellier Confucius Institute marks a new milestone in the history of cultural and educational exchanges between both countries.”

Chinese Consulate General in Marseille and French Consulate General in Chengdu also sent congratulations and best wishes to the launch of the Confucius Institute. In the end, all guests had the opportunity to appreciate Chinese painting and calligraphy works by UESTC staff and students in honor of this event.

——Translated by Zhu Guo