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President Li Yanrong is Granted Honorary Doctorate Degree by UM2

published: 2013-09-29 11:13:16       hits: 

Recently, Academician Li Yanrong was Granted Honorary Doctorate Degree by Université Monpellier 2, France. This was proposed by Université Monpellier 2, discussed by The Languedoc Roussillon District Academic Board and Executive Committee of Université Monpellier 2, and authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology of France.

On 20th, September, the award ceremony was solemnly held in Monpellier. President of Université Monpellier 2, Robert said, it is an academic tradition of the university to grant honorary doctorate degree to two extraordinary foreign scholars each year. In 2013, Academician Li Yanrong is the only one to receive this honor and this is the first time for Université Monpellier 2 to grant this honor to Chinese scholar.



President Robert highly praises the academic achievement made by Li Yanrong. He said, the achievement and contribution in the field of material science and electronic engineering by Academician Li Yanrong is the epitome of his talent and it is their privilege to grant such honor to a respectable foreign scholar like Academician Li Yanrong.



Academician Li Yanrong extended his appreciation for the affirmation and encouragement of his academic research and achievement, which is also the honor of UESTC and represents the anticipation for the cooperation between the two universities.

In his speech, Academician Li Yanrong said, Université Monpellier 2 has made remarkable contribution for the economic and scientific development of France and the world. UESTC shares the same discipline characteristics, which provides great opportunities for cooperation. He said: I will actively promote the cooperation between the two parties, encourage students and faculty of UESTC to exchange with Université Monpellier 2. I believe such academic exchange can inspire new sparks of thought and promote us to explore and take up the challenges faced by humanity, especially in the field of life science, energy, environment and electronic information.