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College of William& Mary Pays A Visit

published: 2013-12-26 09:52:29       hits: 

On the afternoon of Oct. 16, President Taylor Reveley leads the delegation of our sister school---College of William& Mary---to UESTC. President Li Yanrong and academician Liu Shenggang warmly receive the guests, and vice president Wang Houjun takes the chair.


President Li Yanrong extends his warm welcome and expresses deep gratitude to the elaborate preparations and arrangements made by W&M to accommodate our exchange students and teachers. As our prior partner in the US, W&M had received our visiting scholars, delegations of summer camps and teaching summer programs in the past years, who all had learned and personally experienced W&M’s education concept and scientific development in mathematics, business and humanities. The cordial thanks also go to academician Liu and doc. Liu Chaoyu for their efforts in bilateral exchanges. Li indicates that this visit has shown our shared vision for a furtherly enhanced cooperation.



UESTC is a research-oriented institution of multidisciplines, and W&M enjoys a long tradition and good international reputation. Li states his hopes in the speech that both sides, in the near future, could enhance two-side cooperation and arrange a detailed program to bring everlasting benefits to all.

President Taylor Reveley thanks for the hospitable reception. He deems that our partnership would help develop cooperation and exchanges in more fields. Given that internationalism has become a pre-requisite for modern colleges, he says:”I perceive that an institute could not reach the world-class level if it lacks an international strategy in scientific and mathematic research”.

Academician Liu Shenggang, the honorary professor of W&M offers well affirmation to UESTC’s endeavors in international exchanges, and promises his continuous devotion to bilateral collaboration.

Director of International Office briefly introduced the latest advancements in scientific construction, disciplinary expansion, students’ innovation and international cooperation. She states that with good relationship, we two sides would enjoy more students exchange programs in the coming years.

After the meeting, Taylor Reveley makes a report for the mass UESTCers, having shared his insights on “Our Shared Hope in the Power of Higher Education”. Afterwards, the delegation also visits labs in Shahe campus, and has discussions with leads and professors from the multiple schools within.