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Professor Tian Shulin’s team won the second prize of the State Technological I

published: 2014-01-14 09:42:00       hits: 

On the morning of January 10, the 2013 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Beijing. UESTC won the second prize of the State Technological Invention Award by virtue of the project --“Broadband complex signal real-time acquisition and synthesis technology”. Professor Tian Shulin and Ye Peng from the School of Automation Engineering, who are principal persons completing the project, accepted the award on behalf of the whole team.


In view of the difficult problems of signal acquisition and synthesis, the project invented new technologies, such as non-uniformity correction, seamless measuring based on the entropy and so on. These advanced technologies have successfully broken the overseas technical monopoly, changing the situation in which we are under control by others.


At present, industry application of this technology has been accomplished. Through mass-production by the famous manufacturer of instrumentation, UNI-T, the sales quantity of the instrument has reached more than eighty thousand with the output value of 640 million Yuan. Thirty percent of the products have exported to the United States, Germany, Brazil and other countries, which makes China from an importer into an exporter of this instrument.


The achievement has provided strong support for cutting-edge technology research in China, solving not only flyer track capture in detonation experiment but also airborne equipment problem presented in Chinese big airplanes, large transport airplanes and new fighters. The product has been used by SITP, CAEP and other research institutions and has met the urgent need of scientific research of deep space exploration.


The prize is the highest honor of our school in the field of Electronic Testing Technology and Equipment. “This is a result from persistence,a crystallization of collective wisdom and a real portrayal of both the power of science and research and innovation capacity of our school.” Professor Tian said, “There is still room for improvement in this technology. And our team promises to continue to do further research so that we can increase the core competitive power and grow stronger.”


It is understood that there are 313awarded achievements this year. The Country's Top Science Award was given to academician Zhang Haocun and Cheng Kaijia. The Country’s Science Award included 1 first prize and 53 second prizes. The State Technological Invention Award included 2 first prizes and 69 second prizes. The National Science and Technology Progress Award included 3 grand prizes, 24 first prize and 161 second prizes. Fabio Rocca and other seven foreign experts won China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.


translated by Jessica