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School of Medicine of UESTC launched

published: 2013-12-26 09:50:00       hits: 

Schoolof Medicineof UESTC, which was jointly run by UESTC and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, was launched on the morning of December 25. Huang Yanrong, deputy governor of Sichuan province and Shen Ji, director of provincial Health Department, unveiled the plaque for the school.


Multiple provincial, hospital and school leaders attended the opening ceremony and the ceremony was chaired by the vice-president Xiong Caidong.


On behalf of the Sichuan Province People's Government, deputy governor Huang Yanrong delivered the congratulations of UESTC and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital. She said the founding of the school was a milestone in provincial higher education enterprise and health services, which was going to promote the integration of electronic information technology and medical technology. This cooperation also helped to promote the construction of management talents and the development of health services. Huang Yanrong also pointed out that the cooperation was essentially a school-running system reform which would take the lead in innovating talent training mechanism in universities. At last, she expressed that the government was going to offer various support to the program.


President Li Yanrong congratulated both the hospital and the university on reaching an important consensus and expressed thanks to the multi-support. Li Yanrong said that UESTC was always exploring a development road suitable for our own conditions and had set the strategic goal of being engaged in medicine. To lay the foundation of this goal, we opened School of Life Science and Technology. Li Yanrong said that the cooperative program is not only a marriage of both sides but also an innovation in technology. He also expressed confidence in this sincere cooperation for the objective and orientation of both sides was clear and firm.


Li Yuanfeng, the head of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, commented that the opening of the school was a new milepost which witnessed “the Speed of UESTC” and “the Efforts of Provincial People's Hospital”. He announced that the hospital would enhance and deepen the cooperation with UESTC to train more elites in medicine.


More than 500 people from relevant departments of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital and UESTC also attended the opening ceremony.


translated by Jessica