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Montpellier Confucius Institute Held ‘Chinese Spring Festival Culture Week’

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From January 25 to February 4, Montpellier Confucius Institute held ‘Chinese Spring Festival Culture Week’ activities. Hu Guangkui, the representative successor of Sichuan province intangible cultural heritage and director of Mianzhu New Year Picture Museum and Tuomeiciren, the vice chairman of Sichuan Dance Association and national "Lotus Award Dance Contest" Sunray Prize winner, jointly offered a cultural feast featuring Mianzhu New Year Picture and dance from three minorities: Tibetan, the qiang nationality and the Yi nationality.


The culture week was started by Mianzhu New Year Picture Exhibition. Prof. Michel Robert (President of Université Montpellier II and Chairman of Montpellier Confucius Institute) and Ms. Perla Danan (the deputy mayor of Montpellier) attended the opening ceremony with our school representatives.

Prof. Michel Robert thought highly of the achievements made by the Confucius Institute in such a short period. He said the culture week provided a golden opportunity for Montpellier citizens to experience Chinese culture. He expressed that he would do his best to make the Confucius Institute develop smoothly.

Ms. Perla Danan welcomed Chinese artists to Montpellier on behalf of the local government. She viewed the Confucius Institute as a new platform, on which the Sino-France friendship and cultural interaction must be promoted.

Our school representatives expressed thanks to French partners’ strong support of the Confucius Institute.



One important activity of the culture week was New Year Picture Exhibition, during which the brightly colored New Year paintings were successively shown in Salle Martin Luther King, Université Montpellier II, Chengdu Primary School, etc. The exhibition drew a large number of eyeballs. In the meantime, Hu Guangkui gave his gift – a portrait of Confucius made by him to Montpellier and got thanks from Ms. Perla Danan.



The other activity was dance exchange. Tuomeiciren communicated with students from  Université Montpellier II, Université Montpellier III,lachapelle Gely Music and Dance Association, SJ Middle School and other schools or social organizations on dance art. Prof. Didier PLASSARD, who is expert in stage arts research, specially invited Tuomeiciren to teach a ‘dance of Chinese minority nationalities’ course in Université Montpellier III. At the invitation of lachapelle Gely Music and Dance Association, Tuomeiciren attended the concert of the minority nationalities’ music in France. Meanwhile,Tuomeiciren communicated with the artistic director Etienne SCHWARCZ who really looked forward to cooperating more with Chinese musicians through the Confucius Institute.

The culture week is a cultural activity of importance since the Confucius Institute was founded last September and the activities are designed to spread Chinese culture and promote China-France communication.

-Translated by Jessica