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Deputy Governor of Sichuan province Huang Yanrong came to UESTC to carry out inv

published: 2014-03-27 10:45:00       hits: 

On March 27, Huang Yanrong, deputy governor of Sichuan province, came to our university to conduct research, accompanied by Wang Qizhang (Deputy Secretary-General) and Zhu Shihong (Secretary of the provincial Education Working Committee and Director-General of the Education Department).


Secretary of the CPC Committee of UESTC Wang Zhiqiang, President Li Yanrong, Vice presidents Wang Houjun and Yang Xiaobo engaged in the survey. On behalf of UESTC, Wang Zhiqiang warmly welcomed the investigators. He showed gratitude to Sichuan Province for its long-term strong support for UESTC. Secretary Wang also looked forward to continued support in our future endeavor, promising that our university will continue to further reform and makes greater contributions to Sichuan Province.

Yang Xiaobo reported the Industry-Academy-Research workings of UESTC. He pointed that our scientific research focused on “Taking Responsibility and Training Talents” and the principle was the orientation of key area, key industry and key enterprise. Our university has conducted extensive Industry-Academy-Research cooperation in many forms, providing technical support for companies.

Huang Yanrong indicated her full recognition on our school’s efforts and achievements which made her supremely happy and proud. She pointed out that higher education institutions played an important role in national innovation systems and that is why our country attach significance to Industry-Academy-Research workings of universities. She expressed that Sichuan Province will support the development of UESTC continuously and hoped our university could seize the opportunity to speed up construction and make more contributions to Sichuan Province.

In the company of school leaders, Huang Yanrong was shown around the key laboratories and she spoke highly of our school’s innovative achievements.




Officials from relative government departments and school departments also participated in the investigation.