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John Newton Chapman was conferred as honorary professor at UESTC

published: 2014-03-26 10:58:00       hits: 

John Newton Chapman, Vice-chancellor and Dean of Science and Engineering School of the Glasgow University, was appointed as honorary professor at our university and the conferment ceremony was held on Qingshuihe campus on March 26. The president Li Yanrong issued the letter of appointment and Vice-president Wang Houjun attended the ceremony.


Vice-president Wang Houjun welcomed Professor Chapman to join us. He also introduced the achievements made by Professor Chapman in nanotechnology, magnetic material, electronic material and other advanced fields. He expressed belief that with the joint efforts of both sides, the bilateral cooperation will be deepened and strengthened.

Professor Chapman regarded the appointment as a great honor. He looked back on the mutual cooperation in scientific research and students training, especially the success of the cooperation in jointly running school after three years of hard work. He hoped this collaborate program could be a good opportunity for stimulating the development of UESTC and Glasgow University.


After the ceremony, Professor Chapman gave a lecture on the spirit and achievements of Glasgow University with a theme of “Engineering, Science and Innovation – the Story of Glasgow University”. This lecture is one of the “Smart Talks”, aiming at taking advantage of the international resources of UoG-UESTC Joint School so that we can invite elitists to give speeches and help our students broaden horizon.

During the interactive session, Professor Chapman provided constructive suggestions to progress and specialize in a particular field or area that best suits the students. Our students also expressed the hope that Professor Chapman could regularly visit UESTC.

Professor Peng Qicong (Academic Board President of the cooperative educational project), Hu Haoquan (Assistant principal and Dean of studies) and officials from relative departments attended the activity.

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John Newton Chapman: Pursued a bachelor’s degree of physics from St John's College, Cambridge during 1966 to 1969;

                      Pursued a doctor’s degree from Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge during 1969 to 1972;

                      Works as executive vice presidentand dean of Science and Engineering School of the Glasgow University since 2010;

                      Has published over 300 scientific papers which has been cited more than 4,000 times, and the Impact Factor is 33.

                      Has been awarded as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Institute of Physics, IEEE and Royal Microscopical Society.