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The strategic development symposium of terahertz science and technology was held

published: 2014-03-30 11:00:00       hits: 

The strategic development symposium of terahertz science and technology was held on Shahe campus from March 29 to 30.


Present at the seminar were academicians Du Xiangwan, Wu Yirong, Lei Xiaolin, Wu Peiheng, Fan Dianyuan, Lin Xiangdi, Zhuang Songlin, Huang Wei, Jin Yaqiu, Jiang Wenhan, Zhu Zhongliang, Liu Shenggang, Li Lemin and Chen Xingbi, Director of Basic Research Division of Department of Science & Technology Ministry of Education Tai Zhongzhi, Secretary-General of Chinese Institute of Electronics Xu Xiaolan, Director of Office of Information Technology of Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Jiayuan, The supervisor of “973 Project” of Ministry of Science and Technology Xie Xia, Deputy Director of the education department of Sichuan Province Wang Kang, President Gong Ke of Nanjing University, President Li Yanrong and over 100 experts and scholars attended the conference. Vice-president Yang Xiaobo presided over the opening ceremony.

President Li Yanrong showed welcome and gratitude to all the participants. He said that terahertz science had received widespread attention as a new frontier. China started with the 270th Xiangshan Science Conference, having made great progress in this field. Since terahertz science is playing a key role in most majors of our university, Academician Liu Shenggang spared no effort to help our school seize the opportunity of Nation “2011 Plan”, which promoted the successful establishment of Terahertz Science Collaborative Innovation Center. President Li also raised hopes that the experts could guide the work of the center and jointly promoted the development of terahertz science and technology.

Tai Zhongzhi congratulated on the success of the conference. He focused on elaborating and analyzing the significance and existing challenges of terahertz science, “the new technology is going to improve the utilization of spectrum resource… However, it is not mature enough to turn into a new industry. And this challenge needs higher education institutes to look at core technology issues with forward-looking vision in order to push forward progress in terahertz science.

Du Xiangwan, Wang Kang, Zhang Jiayuan and Xie Xia also addressed the opening ceremony respectively.


On the ceremony, the first committee was announced to ser up and UESTC was granted support unit. Academician Liu Shenggang was conferred as honorary chairman. Xu Xiaolan issued the letter of appointment and declared the official reply of the committee establishment.

After the opening ceremony, Academician Liu Shenggang gave a talk entitled “The spring up of the terahertz science and technology”, in which he pointed the rapid process of the new science and its huge potential development. Meanwhile, he earnestly expected the academic colleagues to catch every chance to strengthen solidarity and cooperation so that the advanced technology could have a bright future.

During the two-day symposium, thirteen other specialists also gave lectures on terahertz science. They were Academician Wu Yirong, Professors Yu Sheng, Li Shaoqian, Jiang Yadong, Chen Jian, Zhang Weili, Jin Biaobing, Fan Yong, Zhang Cunlin, Shi Wei and Zhu Yiming, Associate Professor Hu Min and Researcher Cao Juncheng

The conference was co-hosted by Terahertz Science Collaborative Innovation Center, Terahertz Branch of Chinese Institute of Electronics and UESTC and it was of great significance to strategic planning of developing terahertz science and technology.