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President Li Yanrong’s Speech at 2014 Opening Ceremony of UESTC

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My students, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

Today, we gather here for the 2014 opening ceremony and welcome 9702 students into UESTC family. On behalf of the university, I want to congratulate all of you for your excellent performance and successful admission into UESTC.

It is our honor to get from the whole country young talents to teach and nourish them; it is our mission to aid these talented young people to succeed. Your joining us will surely add a beautiful touch to the history of UESTC.

My dear students, you are all promising youth with excellent academic performance. UESTC, like a big magnet, has attracted you from all corners of the country to spend the most important period of your life together on this campus.

Indeed, college is vital to all of us. In our lifetime, we will do many things; some will even change quite a few jobs. But when looking back, we’ll find that our most shining performance and proud achievement is always related to the expertise we have learned at college.

I want to tell you now that you have made a wise decision in choosing UESTC and choosing IT and its related majors. This is not only because UESTC is the only university among Project 985 universities focused in electronic information science and engineering, but also because information technology will remain, for a long time to come, the most powerful driving force of the world’s economic and social development.

What’s more, four-year-college is vital in that differences between students can be enlarged in this period. When you were at high school, you were all top students. The differences of a dozen points in the college entrance examination have sent you to different colleges and different majors.

These two points have given us, people working in higher education, a strong sense of responsibility. Here I promise that we will do our utmost to offer you high quality learning resources and living environment, and I promise that we will, with our efforts, make you qualified and outstanding.

As is known to you, UESTC is a prestigious university with a distinguished history. Founded in 1956 under the personal instruction and care of Premier Zhou Enlai, it gathered the best talents and resources in China’s electronic information fields at that time.

With this high-level starting point, we have enjoyed a rapid development, and earned ourselves two proud names: “the pacesetter of China’s electronic information fields” and “the cradle of China’s national electronic industry”. It is also remarkable that our two strong disciplines, electronic science and information technology rank No. 1 and two in China.

Our university also prides herself on having a high quality teaching and research staff including 8 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 40 “National One-Thousand Project Experts”, 20 Cheung Kong Scholars and 13 National Outstanding Youth Research Fund Awardees and National & Provincial Teaching Masters. They will help you make your dream come true.

In the past 58 years, UESTC has turned out over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) graduates. They have been working in national defense, scientific research, IT industry, economic and other areas. They sparkle like stars in the sky, making UESTC shine even brighter. Today you also become a member of UESTC, and the future of UESTC lies with you.

We know that it is our sacred responsibility to awaken your creativity, to inspire your spirit and to help you realize your dreams. Only the growth of talents can ensure the progress of an undertaking, which, in turn, ensures a sustainable vigor and life.

My dear students, you are lucky because you are now living in the most exciting era of development in China. In this great age, to start your college life at UESTC means a noble mission for everyone of you. Therefore, I want to share with you my three expectations.

First, as a UESTC student, you should have a strong sense of social responsibility. Our country and society has higher expectations of you. UESTC students should have a broad mind and brave heart to shoulder up more responsibilities.


We all know that this year is special, another Jiawu Year. 120 years ago, China suffered a great humiliation in Sino-Japanese War. And 60 years ago, UESTC was about to be born, with a mission “to empower our national industry and strengthen our national defense”. Today, university is no longer an isolated ivory tower. Instead, it responds actively to the pulse of each and every social progress and development.

The industrial standards of 3G, 4G and even 5G optical fiber communication have been set by UESTC graduates; the identification code for Xiaolong Fighter has been written by UESTC graduates;the invisible materials of J-20 Fighters have been developed by UESTC graduates. All these are evidence of our sense of responsibility.

In this summer vacation, over 5000 UESTC students were scattered in the countryside and mountain areas, teaching young kids, doing social services and other volunteer work. They apply book-knowledge to social practice; they use their own action to shoulder up more responsibilities. This is the proof of our character.

Second, as students of UESTC, you should be inquisitive and creative, and commit yourselves to the pursuit of knowledge and truth. The future of China’s electronic information science and technology lies with you, the major constructors of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We envy you because our exciting times has offered you the chance to achieve and you can witness the realization of China’s Bi-centennial Goal.

Therefore, you should be bold and daring and assert yourselves. In the transformation of Chinese society, you should aspire to take the lead in the advancement of China’s electronic and information science and technology.

Besides attending classes, you should frequent laboratories, engineering centers, and libraries. UESTC’s creative spirit is not only found in the leading professors and academicians like Lin Weigan, Liu Shenggang, Li Lemin and Chen Xingbi, but also in a great variety of students’ creative and innovative activities.

We hope you can take advantage of all the resources, strive for academic excellence and aim at the international standard for creativity. This should indeed be our expectation of a UESTC student.

And thirdly, as a UESTC student, you should have grand vision, broad mind, aim for great achievements; you should be knowledgeable and versatile. It is our unswervingly pursuit that UESTC students should distinguish themselves with more contributions to our country.

In order to fulfill this goal, students should, besides acquiring knowledge and expertise in your special academic fields, develop and perfect your character, and enrich yourselves with culture. Even for hobbies and interests, you should practice them in the professional way and to the professional standard. It is also our expectation that you should be well-acquainted with both Chinese and Western, modern and ancient culture.

My dear students, I’d like to congratulate you once more on your success in the college entrance examination after over ten years’ diligent work. I’d like to give my gratitude to you for choosing UESTC. We hope that you can cherish your time at college, to realize your dreams with your efforts and wisdom, to pay back your family with your steady progress, to make UESTC proud with your success!

Thank you!