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Global Chatroom Makes Delicious Chinese Dumplings

published: 2014-12-17 12:09:56       hits: 

The student members of the Global Chatroom gathered at the Yinhua Canteen last Saturday to make delicious Chinese dumplings together.


Chinese dumplings are easy to make and taste great, so the students had a fun time wrapping the dumplings and eating them up. The ingredients were freshly bought at the local market by the students.


To ensure that everyone could fully participate, beef filling was purchased for students who could not eat pork products along with vegetables and premade wrappers.


The students were supported by several helpful canteen workers who showed everyone the best way to wrap a Chinese dumpling.



While the international students had some trouble with the wrapping, everyone seemed to enjoy the process and having the opportunity to interact with one another.


When the dumplings were cooked, everyone ate their fill of beef dumplings and had enough to share with passing UESTC students.


Everyone agreed that the dumplings were very tasty and delicious because they had made these wrapped delights with their own hands.