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Delegation of UESTC visited several Russian colleges and universities

published: 2015-06-23 15:50:00       hits: 

In Recent days, Vice President Zhu Hong and his delegation attended The Fifth Joint Conference of UNESCO Chairsin Russia sponsored by UNESCO IITE (UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education). Furthermore, they visited four Russian colleges and universities, including SUAI (Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation), BMSTU (Bauman Moscow State Technical University), MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), and SkTech (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), and had a face-to-face communication the Vice President of Herzen University Konstantin Dotsenko.


The Fifth Joint Conference of UNESCO Chairs is held in St. Petersburg, organized by UNESCO IITE and undertook by SUAI. Near 200 representatives from 40 countries and territories attended the conference and had discussions with mainly the focus on the interrelationship between modern information technology and higher education. Around 40 representatives made their speech to show their latest research output and gave their analysis and interpretation to what modern information technology brings to the future of higher education. Composed of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, UESTC, and Fuzhou University, Chinese delegation gave a report from the practice of “TronClass” and showed the representatives the application and achievement of modern information technology in Chinese higher education. Considering its rich content and profound significance, the report won the Best Report Award given by the committee.


SUAI is one of the most famous aeronautical universities in Russia, which made great contribution to Russian aeronautics and astronautics. In conversation with Zhu Hong, Vice President of SUAl Kohctahtnh expressed the expectation to cooperate with UESTC in students’ exchange, scientific research and discipline construction. Part of students in SUAI will come to Chengdu to exchange in the near future when the interaction with teachers and students in UESTC will be possible.


Vice President of BMSTU Ivan A. Arkharov said the talks that both UESTC and BMSTU are domestic first-class and world-famous universities. Two school’s discipline superiority and open educational philosophy provide a good foundation to the coming bilateral exchanges and cooperation. BMSTU hopes to cooperate with UESTC as soon as possible so that to provide a good platform to students’ development, teacher training and scientific research cooperation. Zhu Hong expressed gratitude to Russia (the former Soviet Union) for its contribution to UESTC’s establishment and a cardinal feeling to Russian universities. He looks forward to further two schools’ exchanges and cooperation.


In the visit to MEPhI, Zhu Hong had friendly exchanges with Vice President of MEPhI Nadezhda. “MEPhI is a specialized university in Russia being superior in Physics, Mathematics and Materials field. And MEPhI is willing to have diversified forms of cooperation with UESTC,” said Nadezhda. Zhu Hong emphasized his introduction to UESTC on its internationalization and discipline development strategy and showed a warm welcome to MEPhI’s teachers and students’ coming to UESTC for exchanging and learning. In addition, both sides had further exchange about two schools’ students’ exchange, credit transfer, joint training, and so forth.