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An interesting Sports Meeting for Oversea Students

published: 2015-12-10 16:37:22       hits: 

An interesting sports meeting including 10 creative sports gameswas successfully held by the Chinese and Overseas Students Association on the yard of Chaoyang canteen, on Sunday afternoon, December 6th.


Over 20 overseas students attended the activity. The meeting included games like stamping balloons, rope skipping, getting rid of post-it notes, letting tissue fly, clipping marbles and so forth. All parts of the meeting were designed neither too easy nor too challenging, in order to maximize overseas students’joy and sense of achievement.


The meeting took the rules of points accumulation. Everyone can obtain 3 points at most in each game. Thenstaff recorded the scoresthe participants had gotten on their scorecards. Finally, student who successfully finished all the games could get one souvenir. What`s more, the student whose total score ranked in the top 3 could receive special prizes from the association.


 The atmosphere of the meeting was filled with relaxation and dynamics. No matter they wonor not, they left all the pressure and sadness behind. Many oversea students said they really enjoyed the wonderful games, in which they met their new friends, including Chinese lovely boys and girls.

The meeting lasted for 2 hours. At last, all the staff and oversea students took photos together, with smile on each face. All in all, the activity ended, however, the friendship never ended.