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2016 UESTC International Students 1st Academic Workshop

published: 2016-04-01 09:40:43       hits: 

As per the UESTC International Students Union 2015-2016, obligation to serve the students and based on the international students union long range action plan, the Department of the Students Academic and Welfare affairs recently succeeded to organize a fruitful academic Workshop on 26th of March, 2016, addresses the most intriguing yet ambiguous topic which is " How to Write, Organize and finally Publish a Scientific Research Paper", in matter of fact the lecturers who conducted this workshop had outlined most of the aspects related to the topic, and also they shared all the feedback they personally received while their scientific work was under processing. All the students were really glad for the advantageous and lucid explanation as a lot of vague aspects was clarified and described to allow the students to avoid any such mistakes or misunderstanding, especially when it comes to reflect a positive perspective to the journal reviewers. The Workshop was outlines by: Mr. Muhammed Jawad Hussien and Dr.Diptiranjan Behera.


And as the ISU plans to manage another workshop in the coming week to continue and follow up the previous workshops because of time limitation and that to cover all case scenarios for either the received feedback or in case of the final revision before submission, and currently all the students are eagerly waiting to attend that workshop to discover more schemes about successfully organizing a scientific work that suits and can pass best journals reviewers check with a guaranteed chance of publishing.