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Celebration of Pakistan Day

published: 2016-03-26 15:55:00       hits: 

Supported by UESTC international Students office and organized by Chinese and Overseas Students Association, the celebration of Pakistan Daywas held on March 26th. The theme of the activity was to strengthen Pak-China friendship and make the students aware of the close relationship between both countries. A large number of Chinese and Pakistani students participated in the program. Many excellent examples of cultural exchange were presented on the occasion. The whole venue was decorated by colorful balloons and flags of China and Pakistan.


The program was started by playing the national anthem of both countries. Next as a member of Chinese and Overseas Students Association (COSA), Anna presented the introduction and activities of COSA. Anna was beautifully dressed in Pakistani traditional costume. An informative video made by Pakistani students was played in which the history of Pakistan Day was explained in a very interesting manner. Students enjoyed the traditional games of both countries held by the organizers. In the end for the most exciting part, the traditional food of Pakistan and China was presented. Everybody enjoyed and appreciated each other's flavor,even some Chinese students had tasted the Pakistani food for the first time. The program was supposed to end at 9:00 PM but it continued till at 10:30 PM because everybody was so busy in chatting and taking pictures with their new friends. These kinds of activities is bound to be held more often for the better relationship between Chinese and international Students.