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Professor of Drama from the College of William & Mary Visited the Art Center

published: 2016-03-21 09:13:00       hits: 

Robin Cooke is a professor of drama at the College of William & Mary. Accompanied by his husband William E. Cooke, a physics professor, she visited our student activity center on the afternoon of March 17 and communicated with the students on topics like theater, arts and culture, and gave them a lively drama lesson.\

Madame Robin Cooke came to Ginkgo Student TV Station first, where she appreciated the mini-play of The Story of Courtyard by students of our university's drama club. Deeply moved by the students' wonderful performance, she suggested that:" Instead of trying to play an old man, vigorous young people should inject the aging shell with new vitality, pass positive energy to our audience through the stage." She also taught our followers acting skills which are extremely useful and informative.\

Later on, professor Cooke and her husband, accompanied by our teachers of arts center, visited musical & theater association, national music orchestra, chorus, dancing team as well as symphony orchestra, watched the rehearsals respectively, such as unaccompanied Qiang Zai On the Clouds from musical & theater association, traditional dance from dancing team, piece of The Sound of Music from symphony orchestra.\\\

During this visit, professor Cooke was surprised when she was told that most of these students whose majors were engineering and science, and she said:" Arts is important, and I am already greatly impressed by the University’s engagement with it. I am so glade to see so many polytechnic students join the arts in their spare time. Your obsession with arts touched me deeply!"

Related Link: Mrs Robin Cooke is a literature consultant and part-time lecturer at the College of William & Mary, who holds master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Originally, she was a stage actress, during her nearly 30-year career, she have worked with a good number of super stars, such as George Burns, Sid Caesar, Milton Berle, Helen Hayes, Charlton Heston, Keith Carradine, Marlo Thomas, Mariette Hartley, Jan Murray, Red Buttons and so on. She is a writer, editor and a scriptwriter, producer. She personal has published more than 40 volumes of books and albums, and has co-authored 5 books. To date she has published many New York Times best sellers. At present, she focuses on the research that treat anxiety and autism.

Translator: Zhang Guihua