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Vice-president of University of East London Visited UESTC

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On February 26th, Vice-president of University of East London, Professor Nora Ann Colton came to visit UESTC and vice-president of UESTC Xiong Caidong met the guest on Qingshuihe campus. The two sides negotiated matters on cooperation and signed agreements on the short-term exchange programs of this year between the two universities. \

Vice-president Xiong Caidong extended a warm welcome to the visit of his counterpart Colton and introduced her the three strategies of UESTC in recent years, namely “talents cultivation, discipline expansion and internalization”, particularly noting international cooperation and exchange. He expressed sincere gratitude to the University of East London for providing our students custom-made summer camp courses and exchange programs for four years in a row since 2012, which has benefited nearly a hundred students who have not only learned many professional courses including business, finance and political administration, but also expanded their international vision by going deep in financial center and the West community to experience themselves the cultural diversity of London. He said that UESTC will sincerely welcome the visit of students from University of East London during the second phase of cooperation between the two universities.

Apart from reviewing the course of students exchange programs between the two universities, Professor Colton introduced the adjustments of institutions and majors of University of East London in recent years, and its development strategies in the future. She said that both universities have done very well in their areas of expertise respectively and hoped that both can strengthen mutual learning. Both sides negotiated to launch the two-way programs as soon as possible, namely the program of engineering student from the University of East London coming to exchange with students of UESTC and the “1+1” joint training program of Master candidates of Political Science and Public Administration from UESTC going to the University of East London for further study; and conducted deep discussions on the details of the programs implementation.

Responsible personnel of the Office of International Cooperation & Exchange and School of Political Science and Public Administration participated this meeting. After the meeting, Professor Nora Ann Colton delivered a special lecture entitled “how the Middle East is reshaping the world economy” and meanwhile introduced the University of East London as well as its international summer camp.

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Founded in 1898, University of East London is one of the best 100 famous university in Britain, ranking 99th in The Times in 2002, and 94th in Financial Times in 2003. The university maintains a good tradition of education innovation to be distinguished by offering innovative and popular courses and at the same time, its research ability has attained the international recognition. The existing 9 Schools of the University of East London are as follows: School of Architecture and Visual Arts, School of Business and Management, School of Computer and Science, School of Social Science, Media and Cultural Studies, School of Education, School of Health and Bioscience, School of Law, School of Psychology, School of Distance Education, and those Schools offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. This university has a total of more than 20,000 enrolled students, among which international students from 120 countries account for 25%.

In 2012, cooperation agreement was made between UESTC and University of East London to carry out the program of University of East London’s international summer camp. Until now, this program has been successfully carried out for four sessions and UESTC has sent out a total of 66 students. In 2016, students of UESTC will continue to go to participate the fifth international summer camp of University of East London.

Translator: Luo Ting