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Chinese tea culture experience Activity

published: 2016-04-07 10:53:00       hits: 

In April, a mark for blooming spring and brilliant sunshine and also the harvest time for fresh green tea, School of International Education UESTC organized a one-day journey for foreign students studying on Shahe campus to learn about Chinese tea culture, helping them to have a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture. Led by Chinese teachers from UESTC, 24 foreign students headed to the Jiazhu Green Tea Graden which is located in Chengjia county, a place known as the land of tea in the southwest of Chengdu. There, by picking tea leaves, observing tea-making procession, and learning about tea art, all of the students had a wonderful experience of authentic Chinese tea culture.

The teachers and students arrived at their destination at 10 o’clock in the morning, which marked the start of their one-day journey. With great hospitality, an experienced worker patiently explained to them how to do the tea-plucking, namely, they should pick which part of the tea leaf, and what kind of tea these leaves will turn out to be. Everything went on smoothly, and not for while, the bamboo baskets were fulfilled with fresh tea leaves. Excited about the work cloth, some girls even took selfies while picking doing the tea-plucking.


After handing over the leaves to an experienced worker, all the foreign students gathered together around him to have a close look at how he did the tea processing. The type of tea he was going to made is Mao Feng because the late April is best season to produce it. He said that one needs to fire the leaves by hands because only in this way he can feel the temperature and make the leaves evenly heated. Dry the leaves through constantly tossing them, and then their delicate fragrance went out gradually.


Students are smelling the fresh tea


Zhu Zimo, from Congo, is learning from the worker how to fire tea leaves while chatting with him

After lunch, a professional tea art performer delivered a fantastic show to all the teachers and students and invited them to have a taste of the tea they picked in the morning. For most of the foreign students, it was their first time to watch traditional Chinese tea art performance, however, they all were attracted by its elegance and beauty. They attached great interest in the performance of serving the tea with a long-spout,and some even had a try themselves. Although they were lacking of skills, their performance brought about a burst of laughter and also a shower of applause.



Sheridan, from America, poses to serve a cup of tea

The one-day journey for Chinese tea culture came to a close in great joy and satisfaction. On the way back, all the foreign students got a present—a pack of tea they plucked. Although from different countries, all of the foreign students  talked about the journey with each other in Chinese. Thanks to the one-day journey, they now have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.