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UESTC International Students Experience Huanglongxi ancient town

published: 2016-05-19 14:39:48       hits: 

On May 15th,supported by UESTC international Students office and organized COSA, UESTC international students have a tour to Huanglongxi ancient town in order to not only strengthen the relationship between Chinese and international students but also make students get close to Sichuan traditional culture. With the long history which can date back to 1700 years ago, Huanglongxi ancient town is a cultural heritage of Western Sichuan and is known as "the first Chinese Tianfu town".


Before the trip, there were many preparations. First of all, all the participants were divided into several groups, which ensured that each group contained both Chinese and international students. Furthermore, a lot of food and drinks in advance as well as games like the photo contest were provided by COSA.





During the trip, every group member communicated a lot such as the differences between cultures and gradually got familiar with each other. Discovering Huanglong is an exciting activity especially the special cakes and candies there. Both Chinese and international students tried a lot new things and enjoyed every wonderful moment by camera and by heart. In this excellent place, some international students had been lingering on and on, almost forgetting to return. On the way back to school, everyone still discussed the topic about Huanglongxi.

After the trip, Anna who is one of chairmans of COSA said, “Everybody had fun in this trip and longing for more opportunities to get close to SiChuan even Chinese culture. Many international students are grateful to the arrangement of UESTC international Students office and our association.”