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Vice-president of College of William & Mary Visited UESTC

published: 2016-05-25 10:27:48       hits: 

On May 23, a delegation led by Professor Hanson, the vice-president of WM and a world-renowned politician, came to visit UESTC. President Li Yanrong received them in Qingshuihe Campus. Both sides had an in-depth exchange on talent cultivation, faculty training, and scientific research against the background of internalization. And, cooperation fields of our two sides had also been discussed.


On behalf of UESTC, President Li extended warm welcome to Professor Hanson and members of his delegation. He said: “since UESTC twined with WM, our two universities have become important cooperation partners. A lot of fresh progress and achievements have been made in mutual-visits, academic exchanges and international cooperation, etc. WM is famous for the undergraduate cultivation, liberal education and academic research. All of these deserve UESTC to learn.” Then, he added: “China is ready to set up world-class universities and disciplines. While, UESTC, as one of the key universities listed in national “985” project, is striving to achieve the “double world-class” aims. In the process, we realize the importance of internalization, so UESTC will proactively continue to collaborate with WM, especially in the undergraduate education, students and faculty exchanges, the building of teaching staff and scientific research, and further expand and deepen our cooperation.”

Professor Hanson rather appreciated the warm reception. He said: “WM attaches great emphasis on cooperation with UESTC. Last year, we’ve renewed our sister university cooperation agreement, which wrote a new chapter of our relationship. In recent years, we mainly focus on a thorough collaboration in physics (especially in deep flow research). Many your scholars came to WM and their expertise and professional visions were acknowledged and praised by our teachers. I hope, my visiting today could deepen the cooperation in liberal arts, like laws and other fields, and enhance the communication between our teachers and students.”

Both sides had a thorough discussion on liberal education, innovation and entrepreneurship and the building of faculty team. Some new cooperation fields have been developed. UESTC will go a step further to learn WM’s schooling experiences, expand general education of liberal arts, prevail innovation and business startups, and promote teachers in arts to go international.

After the conference, Professor Hanson and his delegation had a symposium with law experts in the School of Political Science and Public Administration, UESTC. They discussed the teachers and students exchanges and the holding of international conferences. They’ve reached a consensus to strengthen the collaboration in the law. Also, Professor Hanson gave an academic salon themed on “The Impact of Globalization on Internal Education”, where he had a relaxing discussion with UESTC students and teachers.

The participants of the conference include Professor Stevenson, the dean assistant of the School of Law in WM, relative staff in the School of Political Science and Public Administration, UESTC, and staff in the Office of International Cooperation & Exchange. 

Translator: Xie Ying